Former governor, 8 former Michigan officials charged in Flint water crisis

Nine Former Michigan officialsIncluding Former Gov. Rick Snyder, Flint was charged Thursday for their role in the water crisis, in a case in which a lawyer said, “Finally, finally, finally, hold people accountable.”

Snyder, 62, and Eight people who worked He faces under a number of charges that emerged from the water supply switch in 2014, which exposed Flint residents to dangerous levels of lead and legionnaires disease.

“I begin by saying that the Flint water crisis is not some monument to the past,” Michigan Solicitor General Fatwa Hammoud told reporters. “At this point, the people of Flint are trampling on their confidence and continue to suffer from the systematic failure of public officials at all levels of government to avoid long-standing accountability.”

Hammoud and Wayne County attorney Kim Worthy were appointed by State Attorney General Dana Nessel to investigate the case, dismissing the allegations made by her predecessor Bill Shoot.

Nessel ran a Democrat and a Republican shooter like Snyder Failed for governor in 2018.

“There is no discrimination in this case,” Worthy said. “It has to do with human morality, Flint abandoning people altogether and finally, finally, finally holding people accountable.”

“Pure and simple, this case will give a bad information about justice, truth, accountability, poisoned children, lost lives, broken families, yet incomplete and simply all of humanity,” he added.

Earlier Thursday, GeneC County Judge Christopher O’Dwyer made a virtual appearance before the court. Snyder pleaded not guilty For two false accusations.

O’Dwyer set the bond at 10,000 and ordered Snyder not to leave Michigan until Tuesday, his next court date.

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The former two-time governor spoke to the judge from a booth inside the county jail, where he sat next to his defense attorney, Brian Lennon, wearing a mask.

Lennon called the case against Snyder “thin” and said “the whole situation is confusing”.

“It would be a bad act for taxpayers to waste dollars following these false allegations,” he said in a statement.

Nick Leone, the former health director of Michigan, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter in the deaths of nine people infected with Legionnaires disease. He pleaded not guilty Thursday.

In 2014 Snyder Management switched from Detroit’s water system to the Flint River in an effort to reduce costs. The move was devastating, exposing Flint residents to pollution from inadequately treated untreated river water of the new supply.

“Our hearts go out to the Flint citizens who have borne the brunt of that decision,” a statement from Lyon’s lawyers said, adding that their client was “innocent” of all charges. “He has not made the decision to change the water supply and has nothing to do with dealing with water.”

Other state officials charged:

  • Former Michigan Chief Medical Officer Dr. Eden Wells has been charged with nine counts of arbitrary homicide, and two counts of misconduct in office and deliberate neglect of duty.
  • Richard Baird, who served as senior adviser to the government Snyder, was charged with misconduct, obstruction of justice and extortion.
  • Jarrod Agen, Snyder’s former communications director, has been charged with felony criminal mischief with a confession to state prosecutors.
  • Dornell Early was charged with two counts of misconduct on the grounds that he worked as a government-appointed emergency manager at Flint.
  • Another former emergency manager, Gerald Ambrose, has been accused of committing a number of abuses in office.
  • Howard Croft, Flint’s former director of public works, has been charged with two counts of intentional neglect of duty.
  • Nancy Beeler, who was once the manager of the juvenile division within Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services, has been charged with two counts of misconduct and deliberate neglect of duty.
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Kraft lawyer Jamie White, whose client is a longtime Flint resident, said he would never intentionally harm city dwellers.

“He grew up in Flint, he loved Flint. He lived in Flint. He drank this water. His wife drank this water. His pregnant daughter drank this water,” White said. “The notion that he deliberately or irresponsibly allowed his family to drink contaminated water is a fraud.”

Attorneys for Wells, Byrd, Agen, Early, Ambrose and Beeler were not immediately available for comment on NBC News on Thursday.

Residents Flint, the majority-black city They have struggled for years to recover because they relied on bottled water as their primary source of clean water and their property values ​​have been affected.

Today, tests show that Flint’s water is safe to drink, but many residents, Suspicion of government officials, Say they don’t trust the city’s water yet.

Michigan is an acknowledgment $ 600 million settlement in August In the event of a class action with Flint residents whose health has been affected, residents establish a fund that can claim compensation.

Flint city councilor Herbert Winfrey said his members were delighted to see the allegations finally reach the top of the state government: “Power must be held accountable.”

But the legislator declared the false allegations against Snyder “slapped on the wrist.”

“You don’t risk a community in order to save money,” Winfrey told NBC News. “The decision to use Flint River water without properly cleaning the water is a knee-jerk decision and the worst decision, when you make the worst decision, has consequences.”

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