For racism, Crimea leaves ambassador to the United States

The Crimean leadership announced the dismissal of Eduardo Ferrari, the club's representative embassy in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Thursday afternoon. The reason for the dismissal was racist posts on social media.

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According to the Crimean embassy, ​​the racist expression of the former Crimean ambassador did not represent the values ​​that the club protects and does not agree with the ambassador's title, which is given to him as a representative of the Crimean company.

"The removal of the ambassador from the Crimea is an administrative act and has already been defined. Now the council's ethics committee will deliberately examine the case and determine whether he or she will be expelled from the membership. Paulson Jr. said. The goal.

Eduardo Ferrari's racist recordings exposed by ESPN journalist Keo Alves. When posting statistics on the work of Miguel Angel Ramerz, he was accused of receiving money from a former ambassador to publish information about the International coach.

Because of the tone, Kyo Alves went to Eduardo Ferrari's profile and realized that he had a high position in Gramio. When confronted with racist messages, he later contacted the tricolor.

In 2014, Gramio Copa del Rey was sacked from Brazil following a racist case against goalkeeper Aranha, who was in Santos at the time. The competition was held at the Arena do Gramio and is valid for the Copa do Brazil. During the game the TV cameras caught a fan calling the goalkeeper Spider a monkey. Santos called the arbitrator and declared him a racist.

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For this reason he went to the Crimean STJD for trial and was disqualified. Since then, the Kremista leadership has further strengthened the importance of fighting racism inside and outside a football field.

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