Felipe Menezes: “In Benfica, I played with players I knew only from television, I was moved” – Benfica

Felipe Menezes now works in Atibaia, at the age of 33, he longingly remembers the times when he was part of Benfica’s dressing room. The Brazilian midfielder arrived in Luz in 2009 and left with the Championship title and League Cup twice after that, after a season and a half of Eagle to the Box in which he started “liking”.

“Our team was very strong and had many well-known players. We were champions in a good fight with Sp. Braga and FC Porto. It was a very good experience. I played with players I only know on TV in the national teams. In the beginning, I was moved until I understood the environment in which it was. I was in it. Then I started setting other goals, “he recalls in an interview with ESPN Brasil, where he highlighted Javier Saviola among the colleagues who shared the spa. “On a daily basis, Aymar was the player most people talked about, but Saviola was the one that impressed me the most. He did unexpected things. I would say he was the greatest player I have played with in my career. Di Maria, Ramirez, David Luiz, Cardoso, Quintrao and Aymar were the stars of the team.” Benfica.

As for Jorge Jesus, the coach who coached him between 2009-2010 and 2010/11, he only has good things to score. “I had a very good relationship with Jorge Jesus. He always showed a lot of confidence in me. He is a man who changed my perceptions of what football was like. Until 2009, I played football, but I wasn’t aware of the jobs I had to be on the field. Of course I received information, but after working with him, I understood the match in more detail, “said the Brazilian soccer player.

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“Jesus told me that he and the coaching team stayed at dawn watching the Brazilian championship until Series C. Sometimes, he watched up to three matches from Brazil at the same time (laughs). Jorge Jesus thought the greatest talent in the world was here. [no Brasil] And it often doesn’t progress in Brazil, “explained Felipe Menezes.

Leave Benfica

Felipe Menezes returned to Brazil, on loan to Botafogo by the Eagles, because he wanted to play more.

“In my first season in Portugal, I played a lot of games and thought I would play more in the second. I just played less in minutes. The master asked me to be a little patient in Season Three, but I was also very young and wanted to play. I had a frank conversation with him. He told me not to go back to Brazil. He said that if I were to leave Benfica, I would go to another team in Europe, “recalls the now experienced midfielder.

“I thought it was time to go back to Brazil, but Jesus thought I shouldn’t leave Benfica at that moment. He thought Aimar would be just another year at the club and wanted to prepare to take his place,” he says.

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