Fear Street 4 Release Date 2022: Everything You Need to Know About Latest Release!

Fear Street 4 Release Date 2022

At the end of Fear Street Part 3: 1666, someone stole the widow’s book of spells, which was a big surprise. Shadyside might not be free yet because the book was probably taken by someone who knew what it could do, which makes a deal with the Devil to get whatever you want. Fans don’t just like the credits scene because it’s fun; they also like it because it gives them “ideas” for how Fear Street could go on after this trilogy.

This is what Leigh Janiak, who directed and co-wrote all three movies, says. Janiak could reach his goal of making the series a horror-themed version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe if there is a lot of material in RL Stine’s books and if the initial plot of the trilogy can be expanded upon.

She told IndieWire, “One of the things I said before I was hired was that we might be able to make a horror Marvel with slasher killers from many different time periods.” “You have the canon of our main mythology, which is built around the fact that the devil lives in Shadyside, so there’s also room for everything else.

I think I hope that people like it enough that we can start making more. We can think about what a second trilogy, a stand-alone book, or a TV show would be like. “I don’t even think about it as I used to when I watched TV or movies. That’s what’s great about Netflix and about Fear Street, which is that it’s kind of a mix of old and new. I’m looking forward to seeing what else might happen.”

Each part of the Fear Street trilogy was Netflix’s most-watched movie worldwide on the weekend it came out, so it looks like Fear Street has been a success for the streaming service.

We’ll have to wait for Netflix to give us official numbers before we can find out how well the trilogy did. This is especially true if Netflix waits to see if anyone binge-watched the trilogy after all three movies came out instead of releasing them one at a time.

Because of this, Netflix hasn’t confirmed that Fear Street Part 4 exists, but we can guess what it would look like if it did.

Release Date of Fear Street 4

All three movies in the original trilogy were shot all at once, starting in March 2019, so that they could be shown in theatres in June 2020. Netflix bought the three movies after they were pulled from theatres because of how the world is right now. The last two parts of the trilogy didn’t come out until about a year after they were supposed to.

Fear Street 4 Release Date 2022

No one knows when the fourth movie will come out unless it was secretly shot ahead of time, which seems unlikely. If they want to keep the summer release schedule, it looks like July 2023 is a good bet. Even if Fear Street becomes a TV series, production times will change, and we may have to wait a little longer for the next part.

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The Cast of Fear Street 4

Assuming that the ending of the third movie stays the same, only a few characters will be in Fear Street 4. At the end of Part 3, the main characters who are still alive are Mr. Lane, Ziggy, Josh (Benjamin Flores Jr.), Martin, and Mrs. Lane (Darrell Britt-Gibson), along with Deena (Kiana Madeira) and Sam (Olivia Scott Welch).

Fear Street 4 Release Date 2022

But the ending of the first trilogy, in which they are all caught up in yet another curse that is affecting Shadyside, might be too familiar to be comforting. We think that a new Fear Street movie or TV show will take place in a different time period, and Janiak has already started to think about this. She told the website IndieWire,

“I got excited about a slasher movie from the 1950s that I haven’t really seen.” “It’s just fun to think about how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go,” says a horror fan. Part 3 showed that the trilogy went back to the year 1666, so it’s possible that characters from that time could show up in Part 4.

Trailer for Fear Street 4

There’s no footage because it hasn’t been filmed yet, so Netflix has to confirm it. Instead, you’ll have to watch the whole trilogy all over again.

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Final Words

Netflix hasn’t confirmed that Fear Street Part 4 exists. Leigh Janiak says it could be a horror-themed version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Each part of the trilogy was Netflix’s most-watched movie worldwide on the weekend it came out.

No word yet on when the fourth Fear Street movie will come out. Only a few of the main characters are expected to appear in Part 4. The trilogy could take place in a different time period, or even become a TV series if it’s turned into a movie.