A New Fan Theory States That Bran Will Be An Evil King


Have you heard the latest Game of Thrones theory? Bran Stark will be the next evil king. This is not a joke, but it’s also not confirmed. The theory states that Bran will become an evil King and he’ll be known as “The Broken.” It’s said that his brokenness comes from him being crippled and having to watch all of Westeros’ horrors unfold before him.

He’ll have some kind of power over time and space which could make him even more dangerous than we think. What do you think about this new fan theory? Do you believe in it or are there any other theories out there that may seem more likely to come true? 

Bran Will Be An Evil King, According To A New Fan Theory

What are your thoughts on the Game of Thrones plot, characters, and major events? Do you believe that Bran is truly the greatest ruler for the six kingdoms, especially when his own sister doesn’t trust him to lead?

He fled to some secret spot with his mother after Drogon melted the Iron Throne into a puddle of molten iron in his despair. This was a clear reference to Lord of the Rings, and the fact that the only way for the ring/throne to unpurify mankind’s hearts is to be destroyed.

Following the devastation in episode 5, Drogon’s action was an attempt on the part of the showrunners to provide a sense of serenity and calm.

The Mad King Aerys rules Westeros for years after his coronation, but it is only when he loses his sanity that things start to go truly wrong. The decision to bring back the news that Robert Baratheon was dead causes a political upheaval in which everyone believes they are right.

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HBO has taken great care with adapting George R.R. Instead, they pick the new King of the six kingdoms, which turns out to be Bran or as he is now known as King Brann The Broken.

The series concludes with Tyrion, as the King’s Hand once again, presiding over a Council of Kings meeting where several beloved characters take various roles and engage in witty banter. The Stark siblings split in various directions when Bran is King, Sansa rules the North, Arya travels the world, and Jon serves as a member of the Night’s Watch.

Raven, who appears to know everything, both past and future. Furthermore, many believe that because he is the Three-Eyed Raven, he is exempt from certain egotistical tendencies that afflict other rulers. As a result, his children may be harmed or lost in order to protect the lesser good that is most precious to him.

However, he is more likely than not to abandon the greater good for his kids like as Cersei or Jon Snow, and Robert Baratheon, and make impulsive decisions influenced by emotion such as as Ned and Robb Stark

understanding based on LOGIC instead of grandiose ideas since he has the weight of the world’s memory to humble him. That’s what we want to believe, but this fan has a different idea in mind.

It’s easy to see why people are wary of Bran, since he isn’t exactly human and his intentions are unclear. He is frequently inconsiderate of all the facts. He’s just like Dr. Browning, without the tweed jacket or pipe.

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Strange of Westeros is a strange one. He appears to have selectively disclosed information that led them down the road to him inheriting the throne of Westeros for the rest of his life.

Since the Three-Eyed Raven is essentially immortal or at least has a longer-than-average life span that can be artificially extended, much of his remaining existence is a different situation.

This implies that the new democratic system would be jeopardized, rendering it completely invalid and void. Additionally, even if Bran died, the Three-Eyed Raven’s consciousness might be transferred from one person to the next, or vessel to vessel, essentially making this parasitic entity King for all eternity.

Even the Three-Eyed Raven, who is supposedly Bran’s mentor, admits that he isn’t in the final season. The revelation that Bran would not be the last Stark in the ‘modern’ governing system Tyrion has planned since he wouldn’t need a successor but rather a new body to reside in invalidated it.

People may argue that if Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven entity are truly bad, all they need is another Jamie Lannister kingslayer to murder the vessel that contains the Three-Eyed Raven, destroying both memory and world.

My final conclusion is that why does Bran want to find Drogon so badly? Prince Doran shows how much he prioritises the mission over everything else, as he is seen briefly attending a minor council meeting. Is it possible that he can warg? Yes, the Three-Eyed Raven has the ability to control any animal’s mind and actions, as well as Drogon.

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A tweet from January 23, 2017 details a text message conversation between Siobhan Thompson and her sister, Alex. She explains why Bran may be evil.

Until I stopped to think, I hated it [the ending] – because bran is, after all, essentially the host body for a murderous parasitic consciousness that has fooled everyone into believing it to be in control by using only the most extreme degrees of inaction.

They’ve inadvertently chosen an immortal to serve as a life term ruler.

I’m not sure that’s how they intended it to sound, but it makes perfect sense for a creature who is so focused on self-preservation.

‘That’s why I traveled all the way here,’ she continued.

All of this [and] all the sharing of knowledge that might cause confusion, as well as any omissions in providing crucial information such as the drogon vision for kings landing in the future

It was all a huge puppet show, and the three-eyed raven is the real villain! Nobody even knows it!

That is how I see it. If you play it straight, it’s awful, but it’s the only way I can understand Bran’s behavior since the three-eyed raven ate his brain.


The fact that King Bran is blind and can’t walk unassisted has not gone unnoticed by the other characters in the story. “I’m a big fan of the original “Pompeii,” and it’s a shame that neither its creator nor any other cast/crew members were asked to participate in the sequel. I hope “Inferno” does not suffer from this.”

You’ve been there before. It doesn’t matter what the problem is, as long as you were where you were supposed to be. The film version implies that Bran was always evil and manipulated everyone else to steal the crown. #GameofThrones pic.twitter.com/jbjGOnpA03

What if Bran was the most evil character on Game of Thrones? He merely uses the Night King as a scare tactic to take out a couple of Dany’s dragons, then just before things could work out for the best, he reveals that Jon is in fact half Targaryen. Boom, king!

The term “binge watch” refers to the entire season of Game of Thrones in a nutshell. Bran played everyone.

But this type of conclusion is much more important than any other. The show’s creators know how to handle it, so they won’t overplay their hand. perhaps the Night King was actually a decent guy all along, and that Chaos is a Ladder is an indication of that.


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