Experts discover how to delay Ethereum ‘difficulty bomb’

Ethereum’s “difficulty bomb”, if it explodes, can greatly increase mining difficulty. It is expected to explode during the winter season.

But the developers of the network calculated what was needed to disable the bomb on Friday (14).

With the discovery, the explosion will be delayed again by the developers.

Old bomb

“Difficulty bomb” is the name given to an ancient piece of code on the Ethereum network. As the name suggests, it greatly hinders ETH mining, increasing the time it takes to mine each block.

As a result, mining Ethereum is slower and less profitable during the period following the “explosion” of the code.

Interestingly, the bomb was intentionally planted in 2015. The goal was to force developers to implement Ethereum 2.0.

In this scenario, the developers calculated how long it would take (in masses) to delay the bomb until December. The pump is deferred as follows: only the blocks are “wound” for the pump symbol, causing the timer to return.

The bomb has been delayed three times so far: in October 2017, February 2019, and January 2020.

James Hancock, Ethereum Developer, Suggestion Deferment through EIP-3554. This is an Ethereum improvement proposal sent to the cryptocurrency community for a vote.

The primary intention was to delay the bomb until the fall of 2022. However, as Tim Biko told Decrypt, this wouldn’t be necessary.

Beiko believes that in December, it will already be possible for Ethereum 1.0 to communicate with Ethereum 2.0. Update 2.0 changes the mining algorithm in the network, moving from PoW to PoS.

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Thus, if the releases were actually merged in December, it wouldn’t have to be put off by the difficulty pump again – as there wouldn’t be more mining.

Shanghai Hard Fork, scheduled for October this year, may start at the end of Ethereum mining.

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