Eurovision 2021. Discover the songs in the first semi-final

In 2020, for the first time since the creation of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1964, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) canceled the competition that should have taken place in May last year, believing that all conditions had not been met due to the epidemic of the situation. .

Therefore, after two years, the Netherlands will host the 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest after winning the 2019 edition in Israel, under the slogan ”PassageDuncan Lawrence played it.

As always with the host country, the songs are from five other countries (”Your palm“: Germany, Spain, France, Italy and the United Kingdom) have a direct and guaranteed access to the final, which will take place next Saturday, May 22nd.

The remaining 33 countries are in competition for two semi-finals: in each one, ten countries are selected to qualify for the final. In the first semi-final, which was held on Tuesday in Rotterdam, the vote of the jury and the audience marked the transition to the final of the following songs:

Norway – ‘Fallen angel(TIX)

Israel – “Set me free(Aden alone)

Russia – “Russian woman(Manisha)

Azerbaijan – ”Sun” (Teacher)

Malta – ”I break(Fate)

Lithuania – ”Discotheque(The Rope)

Cyprus – “evil(Elena Tsagrinho)

Sweden – “Voices(Tosi)

Belgium – “Wrong place“(Hooverphonic)

Ukraine – “More(Go_A)

Due to the epidemiological situation, all 39 competing countries recorded performances in order to ensure their participation in the event, in case it is not possible to travel to Rotterdam at the time of the festival.

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This was the case in Australia – participating in the festival since 2015 – whose delegation was banned from traveling due to health rules.

The semi-final as well as the final have an audience to watch live, with 3,500 tickets sold per show.

The Portuguese song will take the stage next Thursday, the day the second round of the competition’s semi-finals will take place, which will be broadcast live on RTP1 from 20:00

Portugal is being represented this year by the group “The Black Mamba”, which will explain the topic “Love is on my side, Winner of the Song Festival, organized by RTP.

The country participated in the competition for the first time in 1964, after obtaining the best result in 2017, the year in which Salvador Sobral explained the theme of “Ammar Pelos Dois”, written by Luisa Sobral. Portugal reached first place and hosted the competition the following year, in 2018.

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