Essential Sites and Services for Newcomers to Destiny 2


Destiny 2 is an online fantasy shooter of the distant future, where the emphasis is on small arms, and humanity is defending itself from the invasion of alien invaders.

The player will have to choose one of the three classes for which he will play and learn a lot of mechanics to be the best player, win PVP, smash monsters in raids and strikes and farm sparkles – the main currency of the game.

Sites and services that will help a beginner to better understand Destiny 2:

  • Skycoach
  • raid report


Skycoach is a service that provides various services for gamers in all key online projects. Players can buy Glitter, order game level boosts and Strikes and Raids, as well as pay for Titan, Warlock or Hunter training from professional Skycoach, who has spent many hours on this class and can tell a lot from the game mechanics in PVP and PVE to equipment and selection of elements of weapons.

How can be useful:

  • Coaching
  • Boosting
  • Passing Raids


Coaching is a detailed training in the game on the selected class and a detailed analysis of all skills, mechanics, weapons and elements, behavior in PVP and role in passing raids.

Only three classes – Titan, Warlock, Hunter

Titan is a melee shooter with an emphasis on protecting allies and the ability to switch to melee attack when necessary. Creates a protective barrier and takes over the main damage in all combat encounters.

Warlock is a mixture of shooter and mage in the Destiny 2 universe. Uses special wells that deal damage and send curses to the enemy, and heal and buff allies who fall into the spell area.

The hunter is a mixture of a sniper and an attack shooter. Uses traps, daggers, and smoke bombs to get close to the enemy and fight back enemies that get too close. As for the rest, the hunter is an attacking class, a ranged one, which, if properly pumped, will be able to inflict increased damage on one target – the details will be told by a professional player Skycoach.

The main task of the coach is to prepare you as a quality player in Destiny 2, with whom it will be pleasant to go to raids and PVP, and even without the necessary experience, you will be well-versed in any unfamiliar situation, since you will understand your class, role in PVP and PVE well, the capabilities of weapons and grenades and skillfully use skills and special equipment of the void, the sun or lightning.

This is a link to the official comics from Bangie, which will allow players to better understand the gaming lore of the Destiny 2 universe.

In the comics, there is no basic mechanics of playing for the characters, but there is an understanding of the main story NPCs, their true role and the impact of all events and raids on the game universe.

After all, each raid and new update continues the main narrative, which has its own logical beginning and is aimed at improving the understanding of the players of the entire gameplay and, most importantly, giving meaning to all passages – a story about the formation of the world and events that continue the development of the plot.

Comics will also be useful as a break from raids and farming – a simple reading for all fans of the Destiny series of games and just not indifferent players.

The comics are regularly updated with new stories and illustrations and are often linked to current and future content updates that players have in store.

Raid report

A site for collecting all the basic statistics related to game raids.

The service collects the time spent by players on the passage of the raid, the conditions and the level of difficulty and quality of the passage.

The service is regularly updated and updated with new dungeons and dungeons.

The player is provided with statistics on the difficulty of the raid, the time to complete it, the number of deaths, killed monsters, and most importantly, the degree of participation. If the player just hung out in the raid and helped minimally, then he will receive assistant points. This information does not affect the experience of the game and the reaction of the gaming community, but allows the player to take a good look at their level of play and the impact on the progress of the raid.

Pleasant marks on the site will be received by players who defeated the boss in an unusual, or adventurous way.

For example, go through the boss together with a partner, instead of a full-fledged group, or destroy a difficult boss in his lair within a day after the release of the update and the addition of a new raid.