Entertainment Speech Topics for College Students


Students at a school or university often need to perform on stage in front of a large audience. In addition, college students may need to speak to their classmates or various groups across the college.

If you need to have an entertaining conversation and do not know which topic to choose, first analyze your audience. Analyze the age of those who will listen to you and for whom you are organizing an entertaining speech: for teachers to impress or to impress your peers. You can narrow down the range of different topics for entertaining speech based on this.

Before you start coming up with the plot and idea of your humorous speech, you must first get acquainted with some humorous performance techniques. Unusual, entertaining speech is directly related to humor. And your goal will be to make your audience laugh and be excited.

How to Act During the Entertaining Speech?

Many people think that to entertain the audience. You need to have fun making funny faces, grimacing, jumping or dancing. However, this is not suitable for the genre of entertaining speech because you are not doing a theatrical production. Your main goal is to make people laugh with words, not facial expressions.

You will need to have a poker face. This technique can be called one of the most common among comedians. The main idea is to talk about funny and silly things with a severe look that makes your speech much funnier.

You don’t have to choose a funny situation to tell a story about. You can talk about a common situation but still, make fun of it and ordinary things. For example, speaking for adults, the most interesting topic is the ridicule of politics, education, and standard social order.

To interest people younger, you can make fun of various standard dialogues and typical behavior of people in typical situations. For example, you can ridicule the behavior of the administrator during his work, the behavior of the teacher, and the behavior of the driver. You can also make fun of different people without using black humor. For example, you can make fun of nerds who are constantly studying or the behavior of not very successful students who take exams only with the help of the nerds.

However, you should never cross the line and openly insult people. After all, humor is when everyone has fun, not just one person. It is better to just talk about different situations by expressing your opinion about them. Try to reveal the funny sides of each situation.

Take, for example, the topic «My worst date.» You will need to talk about everyday things from an interesting angle of your personality. For example, tell the audience how worried you were about not picking up clothes and how you wore a sports suit to a restaurant. You can also tell how shy you were to talk to a girl or a guy. You can also demonstrate some funny dialogue. The most important thing is not to forget about the poker interface, and your entertaining speech will be great.

To make your entertaining speech even more fun, you can perform it with your partner in the form of a dialogue.

Topics that can be used:

  • What is wrong with my friend?
  • My most embarrassing childhood memory
  • Things you wouldn’t know without watching films
  • My worst date
  • What not to do on a blind date
  • The best dad jokes of all time
  • What would be if people lived due to stereotypes
  • Why I’m still single
  • How I knew I didn’t get the job
  • Why my dog is my best friend
  • My funniest online dating story
  • How to be patient when you just can’t?
  • The best thing about being single
  • Best reasons to quit your job
  • What it means to be popular
  • Strange tourists
  • How to be cool?
  • How to get fired?
  • When I knew I wasn’t a kid anymore
  • How to impress a woman
  • The first year of a student
  • Chinese proverbs explained
  • Things you can’t say without watching films.
  • Americans and British
  • My first kiss
  • Shopping guide for a man
  • Creative marriage proposals
  • Gift wrapping tips for men
  • Things your mom would never say
  • Why we don’t win the lottery
  • What if I listened to all the advice of my mom?
  • What to do when you are bored on a lazy Sunday
  • Why you should not post fake Instagram photos
  • How to become the coolest in the group?

You should not worry about “How to write my speech from scratch?” anymore. Each of these topics can be told funnily if you come up with a funny story. You can remember and take inspiration even from real-life situations. But don’t worry if you can’t remember something funny, you can always use your imagination. Remember all the comedy movies and TV series you watched. To understand your speech better, watch videos of comedians’ performances, and notice how they behave and talk.

Students are usually nervous before a performance. Not to worry before the performance, but to confidently tell your entertaining speech, it is better to rehearse it several times. You can use your friends or even your family as an audience. They will help you evaluate your level of preparation and point out your shortcomings.