Endeavour Season 9 | Confirmed or Not? Release Date


Will there be a Season 2 for Endeavour? The final episode of the first season aired on Sunday, December 20th. As of now, there are no plans to produce another season. We’ll keep you updated if anything changes!

Stay tuned to find out when Endeavour will return with new episodes!

Inspector Endeavour Morse, the illustrious naval detective created by Colin Dexter, first appeared on our television screens in 1987, when ITV adapted his famous novels for the first time. Shaun Evans has filled the shoes of a youthful Morse in the excellent Endeavour series, which has been following his metamorphosis from a great detective constable to an experienced investigative sergeant since 2012.

In 2021, Endeavour will conclude its eighth season, putting Morse against his toughest challenges yet, but will there be a ninth season and when would the new episodes air?


A Brief Summary of Season 8’s Efforts:

Endeavour’s eighth season aired on September 12, 2021, with new episodes airing every week. The three-part series revolves around Morse in 1971, when he was recovering from one of the most trying years of his life.  Season 8 will conclude on September 26 with a show that has the potential to rock Morse’s friendship with Thursday to its core, as Morse’s mounting problems appear ready to overwhelm him and the case he is working on.

Is There Any Chance of the Series 9 of Endeavour Being Released?

Yet there is not any official announcement but still, we can expect it in mid or late 2022. The producers are planning to make the 9th season but haven’t made any confirmation officially.

The television series Inspector Morse is a sequel to the events of the long-running mystery drama Endeavour, which centers around an Oxford police department. Throughout the series, Morse works his way up the ranks of the police force, from detective officer to investigative sergeant.

After being pushed to the brink of death, Endeavour has begun to isolate himself from those who are closest to him in season eight, and he may be on the verge of self-destruction. Season eight’s conclusion may leave fans on the edge of their seats, leaving the door open for a ninth season.

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When Does the New Season of Endeavour Begin?

The eighth season began on September 12, 2021, and concluded on September 12, 2022. Every weekend, new programming was introduced. ITV examines the viewership numbers before making a permanent decision whether or not to continue the series.

The first seven seasons aired in the springtime, while season eight was not released until the summer. Because of this, there may be a longer gap between seasons eight and nine, with new episodes not coming until late 2022. According to Russell Lewis, the creator of the Endeavour, they had to wait for judging each year to see if they wanted to continue with the series.

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What Will Happen in the Next Season of Endeavour?

Because the finale has yet to occur, it is tough to say how season nine will proceed. Based on what occurs at the close of the most recent season, Morse may fall into a black hole. In the final episode, Morse’s relationship with his teacher and buddy, Fred Thursday, is expected to be broken.

As a result, the rivalry between these two important figures may be carried over to the following season. Allam told The Guardian last month that he would be surprised if there were not more episodes after the final chapter.


Fans have flocked to Twitter to voice their opinions on a fresh run of episodes. If a new trend, Endeavour, appears on social media for the first time after a lengthy period, Scott can’t guarantee that he’ll be called out. He is looking forward to the premiere of season nine of Endeavour. In the above quote, he also states that he will be overjoyed to see three more movies.

It’s impossible to tell whether production on the current season will be restarted since it just concluded airing on ITV. Viewers may have to wait a few weeks before the network decides whether or not more episodes will be produced, based on the program’s popularity.

Fans of the program would be delighted by the prospect of a return, as it has long been a Sunday night fixture.

Endeavour Season 9 Trailer

Despite the fact that Endeavour season 9 has not received ITV’s seal of approval, there is no trailer yet.


The eighth season of Endeavour, an ITV detective series, began earlier this year, re-uniting Morse and Thursday for another round of criminal investigation. The first chapter of the Inspector Morse preface aired for the first time in Oxford, England, at the start of season three. You’ll have to wait a little longer for the ninth season.


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