Encanto Memes: Who is the Most Liked Character?

Encanto Memes

Regarding Encanto, the newest animated feature from Disney, fans have made a tonne of hilarious memes. The funniest 8 are listed here.

Encanto captivated audiences and won’t let them go; the songs and messages have remained ingrained in audiences’ minds. The tale of the Madrigal family, who struggle to maintain their relationships while their home is falling apart, is engaging and relatable. Fans naturally did what they do best and turned to the internet to create memes as a result.

These Encanto memes, which make fun of the movie’s many fans’ favorite songs, characters, and quotes, are currently the funniest ones available.

Fans enjoy making fun of the fact that a song about not talking about Bruno constantly mentions him.

This meme, which was posted by one of Encanto’s writer-directors, borrows from a well-known plot device in which Tamatoa first presents himself as threatening before eagerly sharing his life story in the song “Shiny,” one of Moana’s best songs. The meme mocks the narrative while also adorably equating it with one of Disney’s other masterpieces.

The Crowning of a New Queen

With “Let It Go” and “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” bubbling just beneath the surface, the movie Frozen has maintained its position at the forefront of the cultural zeitgeist ever since it was released. However, given how popular “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” and “Surface Pressure” are on TikTok, Lin Manuel Miranda’s most recent hit might win out.

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Bruno’s Abilities

In the town where Encanto is set, there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding regarding what Bruno is in charge of. Every bad thing that ever occurs is blamed on him by the town residents and his family, especially if he has made any comments about it beforehand.

Encanto Memes

Fans of Encanto, however, demand Bruno’s justice and want everyone to understand that just because Bruno saw the future, it doesn’t make it his fault. The death of the fish in question has nothing to do with Bruno or his abilities, which revolve around predicting the future rather than controlling the life and death of fish. However, it’s possible that Bruno foresaw the fish’s demise.

Concerning Surface Pressure

This meme is based on the song “Surface Pressure,” which describes the difficulties of having an older sister who carries the weight of the world on her shoulders. For those who can relate to the song, lines like “See if she can handle every family burden” and “Never stop to question if the same pressure would’ve pulled you under” are particularly crushing.

The song and the entire film are unquestionably more than just family entertainment for people who have experienced trauma in their families.

Not Trying To Sing Along

Numerous fans tune in to music as they go about their daily lives, but this meme demonstrates a brand-new pressure to refrain from joining in on the singing and dancing. One of the best songs in Encanto, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” has a number of dramatic passages that the audience loves to sing along to, which makes it challenging to maintain composure in public.

Where’s The Door?

The meme’s inspiration comes from a memorable moment in the film Drake and Josh, in which the two brothers construct a treehouse but forget to attach a door. While the door disappears behind them, Josh is seen wearing Abuela’s hair and Drake is seen with Mirabel’s.

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This uses the classic scene to highlight how Abuela blamed Mirabel for the disappearance of her door. Josh strongly blames Drake in this scene, even though it was never Mirabel’s fault, and Abuela treated her as though it was.

Who Is Actually Responsible?

Pepa blames Bruno for the hurricane that disrupted her wedding, despite the fact that she, not he, has ultimate control over the elements. This meme accurately portrays Bruno’s worry and fear as his joke became a real hurricane.

Encanto Memes

The movie spends a lot of time painting Bruno from the perspective of other people’s negative perceptions of him, but the meme helps show Bruno’s point of view.

Needing Therapy

The stress and strain of Encanto’s family life cause the home to physically disintegrate. And Mirabel sees firsthand how her sisters, Luisa the strong one, and Isabela the perfect one, are beginning to crack under that pressure.

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After the house is repaired and the family begins to talk things over, it appears that everything is back to normal. The grandchildren, however, are some of the most endearing characters in Encanto, and they may require therapy in order to fully overcome their experiences.

The Truth, As Told by Camilo

After the family has begun to mend their differences and act as though everything is fine, Camilo reminds his father that the family does not actually own a home, to which his father responds angrily. Indignant, he wonders why he is unable to simply tell the truth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Undoubtedly, Antonio is the most endearing person in all of Encanto.

With a whopping 1.4 billion minutes watched on Disney+ from the week of January 24-30, Walt Disney Animation’s family entry Encanto remained at the top of Nielsen’s movie streaming chart.