Elite Season 4 Review: Why the Highly-Anticipated Season Fell Short


Fans were ecstatic to return to Las Encinas for the fourth season, eager to explore all that wonderfulness once more. We were certainly no exception to the craze; we watched the entire season in one day.

However, if you like to enjoy new episodes at your leisure, you might be wondering whether or not this newest season is worth watching. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

The Season 4 review is below!

This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS about the fourth season. You may take whatever steps you believe are appropriate.

Is the Fourth Season of Elite Any Good?

Simply said, we were undoubtedly robbed of a fantastic season. There were numerous flaws evident throughout the season, but these are the top four that are difficult to overlook.

The demands (the stakes) of each character were insufficient.

Every character needs a general aim. If you’re not focused on accomplishing anything in particular, your character will be aimless throughout each episode, making random judgments that have no bearing on the narrative. Unfortunately, most of our OG characters in this season had a lack of initiative.

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Our OG didn’t want anything else but to party or have a brief hookup, with the exception of Samuel and Omar for a short time. While this desire is correct in and of itself, it isn’t sufficiently strong to keep audiences interested for eight episodes, especially after the characters have already fallen in love with the individual they desired by the third or fourth episode.

Fans were bored to death with the lack of stakes. (Ahem, sex scenes.)

Furthermore, the goals of each character were underdeveloped (as the series implies that one of the main characters is to blame for Ari’s accident).

The first season and third season of the Netflix original program were good because everyone had some sort of stake in Marina’s and Polo’s deaths, respectively. Each individual, whether indirectly or directly, had a strong motivation for wanting to kill Marina and Polo.

The fourth season likewise wanted to set a tone for the entire series by starting off with a lifeless Ari in a lake. The series’ sixth season, however, couldn’t match the intrigue of previous seasons.

By the fifth installment, it was clear that only Guzman and Samuel could have been responsible for her accident, which was fine as far as story development is concerned. However, when it was discovered that neither of them was the villain, it became a letdown and, sadly, a waste of time.

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Third, we saw couples that we had been waiting three seasons to see break up for no reason.

Nadia and Guzman’s marriage was always a little contentious, yet at its heart was a deep love that brought two initially opposed individuals together. But while things ended well for both characters, it didn’t feel equitable that we didn’t get to see these two truly fight for their relationship the way they did in prior seasons.

Furthermore, the breakup of Omar and Ander was tragic, but why allow these two people to pine for one another for so long only to have someone (Patrick) come along and ruin everything? (We’ve already been there and done it in the previous season, too.)

To put it another way, we deserved at least one endgame pair in this season.

Finally, the new characters and their enormous shoes to fill.

The fact that our robust primary cast was missing from the room, perhaps the most obvious elephant in the space, was a major talking point.

Lucrecia, Carla, Polo, and Nadia should not have been missed in season 4 given the large number of new characters introduced. Even yet, we were constantly reminded that Lu would have done it better or said it differently and that Polo truly carried the production on his back.

Make no mistake, the actors and actresses who portrayed these new people delivered outstanding performances. The only difficulty was that the new characters’ hollow writing frequently obstructed ensuring that Phillipe, Ari, Patrick, and Mencia were recognized as individuals.

Despite everything that was said, the fourth season wasn’t overly difficult to consume. The story of Irish outlaw Patrick, Mencia’s frightening encounters with male criminals, and Cayetana’s suspicion of her mysterious prince boyfriend were all strong plots that I found fascinating to witness play out.

Also, the love triangle between Samu, Guzman, and Ari mirrored season one’s Carla, Polo, and Christian. That’s one way of describing it. Takes us back.)

Even then, these little (and also underdeveloped) moments could not distract us from the issues that season 4 consistently had. Hopefully, the mistakes of this year won’t result in cancellation, and we’ll be given another season soon. If the series doesn’t manage to satisfy audiences’ demands for high-quality plots, it’s possible that the fifth season will be the show’s last.

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