Eight nuns died within a week at the Govt-19 Wisconsin facility

The school sisters of Notre Dame confirmed the death to a CNN affiliate WTMJ, Sisters died of complications caused by the virus.
“Each of our sisters is very important,” said Sister Debra Ciano, Head of School Sisters in Notre Dame Central Pacific. News Station. “We feel that they have touched thousands of lives, not just us.
The facility was originally established as an orphanage, but later became a home for elderly and sick sisters, according to school sisters Notre Dame. Website.
Deaths are coming in many Several nuns died several months after Govt-19 At Our Lady of Angels Convent in Greenfield, she cares for school sisters in St. Francis and retired religious sisters from the school sisters in Notre Dame.
The council said it has confirmed cases among nuns living in the facility, but has not released the number of infections. Related.

The station said the sisters were following CDC guidelines, which included wearing a mask, social exclusion and regular hand washing.

“We are extra careful in getting their food in the rooms, they can’t do either,” Cyano told the subsidiary. “Further testing, the virus is tested twice a week.”

Among the nuns who lost their viruses was Sister Rose Fees, “noted for her ability to teach, especially her focus on grammar and writing, her faith, keen knowledge and love for cats,” wrote Milwaukee’s Notre Dame School Facebook post.

Another, Sister Lilia Longrek, has been “heavily involved in racial and social justice efforts” for the past 60 years, according to subsidiaries including the Milwaukee Fair Homes Parade and Integrated Bus.

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The report was contributed by CNN’s Artemis Moshtagian.

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