Edens Zero Season 2 Release Date: Is It Real That Edens’s Zero Was Cancelled?

Edens Zero Season 2

Early this year, it was revealed that there would be a second season of Edens Zero. We all know how the first season of Edens Zero ended, but that doesn’t stop Season 2 from picking up right where it left off.

After Homura has joined the Four Shining Stars as a new member, this will pick up Shiki and Rebeca’s story. Season 2’s 2023 premiere date was set a few months ago, but the anime’s trailers and other updates will be released before the end of 2022.

Anime fans weren’t shocked because of the widespread internet speculation regarding a new season of Edens Zero.

There will be more than 12 episodes in Edens Zero Season, and it will still be based on the manga of the same name.

This will provide light on the next stage of Shiki’s quest, during which she and her companions meet new foes and Drakken (who is out for revenge, of course).

Rebeccas and Shiki’s story of how they met, how they rescued people from the other world, and how they brought the four sisters back together has also been revealed. Season 2 of this anime is in the works, and it promises to be bigger and better than the previous season.

However, there is still a lot about Edens’s Zero Season 2 that hasn’t been revealed. We have, however, gathered enough data regarding season 2 to make this article interesting.

Edens Zero Season 2 Release Date

The second season of Edens Zero is scheduled for 2023. However, the exact day and month have yet to be revealed because the anime is still in production at this time.

Edens Zero Season 2

The premiere date for Season 2 was set for 2023, according to official sources in early February 2022. Let’s check out the newest information on Season 2 of Edens Zero.

Edens Zero Season 2 Cast

In “Fairy Tail,” which takes place entirely in a fantasy world, the titular spacecraft of “Edens Zero” takes viewers on a fusion of science fiction and fantasy around the cosmos. All of the main characters in the show are citizens of Edens’s Zero.

The main character, Shiki Granbell (Takuma Terashima/Sean Chiplock), is a young kid with gravity control abilities who, with his pals, sets out on a quest to locate a space goddess called Mother (via IMDb).

His first friend is B-Cuber Rebecca Bluegarden, who meets Shiki on his home planet of Granbell and becomes his social media influencer counterpart in the future.

Before Rebecca meets Shiki, she is accompanied by Happy, a magical blue cat (Rie Kugiyama/Tia Ballard) from “Fairy Tail.” Homura Kogetsu (Shiki Aoki/Laura Stahl), E.M.

Pino (Hiromichi Tezuka/Brook Chalmers), the androids of the Four Shining Stars (Shiori Izawa/Sarah Anne Williams), and many more also make appearances throughout the series.

When Season 2 rolls along, we should expect to see most, if not all, of these characters return. The identities of the new characters Shiki will meet on his travels have not been made public, though.

Edens Zero Season 2 Plot

We’ve already established that the “Edens Zero” manga is lightyears ahead of the anime in terms of plot development. This means you can probably go read the manga right now and get spoiled on Season 2 right away (assuming the anime stays faithful).

Edens Zero Season 2

Even more so, episodes have already begun broadcasting in Japan, so those interested can find more solid spoilers online.

The final episode of Season 1 on Netflix, as per the “Edens Zero” Wiki, covers up to Chapter 31 of the manga, which is considered to be the beginning of the “Digitalis Arc.”

The second season will feature episodes that follow the Edens’ crew as they search for the other members of the Four Shining Stars. However, they have a rough road ahead of them, as not every Shining Star will live up to their expectations.

Whether they are friends or foes remains to be seen, but there is no doubt that our colorful ensemble will encounter peril on their journey through space.

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Edens Zero Season 2 Trailer

On Friday, a new anime teaser trailer was made available to see online at the official Edens Zero franchise website. The second season of the franchise’s anime adaption will release in April 2023, as teased in the trailer.

Where to Watch Edens Zero Season 2?

Season 2 of Edens Zero is now available on Netflix streaming. Both an English sub and dub for Season 2 will be made available. However, at the end of the year, it will be announced on other official sites that this anime will no longer receive updates.

Netflix has made the announcement, and those interested in getting a jump on Season 2 can do so by watching the most recent episodes of Season 1.

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Frequently Asked Question

Will There Be a Season 2 of Edens Zero?

A new teaser trailer for the upcoming second season of the popular anime Edens Zero was released today, showcasing some previously unseen scenes and setting the release timeframe for Season 2 of the program in April 2023. The next season will continue the exploits from the first season, as shown in the trailer, which features a few new moments.

Is It Real That Edens’s Zero Was Cancelled?

The series has been renewed for a second season as of 2021. The anime’s official Twitter said, “Shiki’s adventures shall continue” shortly after the first season finale aired in Japan on October 2, 2021.

Will Edens’s Zero Come Return?

Director Toshinori Watanabe (Tokyo Ghoul: re) will take over for the late Director Yuji Suzuki (Fairy Tail), who passed away on September 9, 2021, and will work alongside returning Chief Director Shinji Ishihara (Fairy Tail) on the second season of Edens Zero.

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Final Words

Edens Zero Season 2 is planned for 2023. It will still be based on the same manga, but this time there will be more than 12 episodes. After Homura has joined the Four Shining Stars, the plot continues from where it left off in the first season.

Season 1 of “Edens Zero” translates to the manga up to Chapter 31. None of the new people Shiki will meet have been revealed.

In season two, we’ll follow along as the Edens’ team continues their search for the other members of the Four Shining Stars. On Friday, a new preview trailer for Edens Zero Season 2 hit the web.

The trailer for the second season of the anime adaptation of the franchise suggests that it will premiere in April 2023. After 2021, there will be a second season of the show.