EA Desktop App Not Working? Try This Fixes

EA Desktop App

EA Desktop or Origin doesn’t open or isn’t working properly, you won’t be able to enjoy EA’s backlog of AAA masterpieces, from Star Wars to Battlefield.

Fortunately, most users can fix EA app points using some common troubleshooting procedures, which we’ve detailed here.

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Installing the EA Desktop App

If you want to download the EA App on your Windows PC, these are the steps you need to take:

EA Desktop App

  • Follow this link to the official Beta Release Page.
  • In the header portion, there is a large red Download button.
  • To get the installation file, click the Download Button.
  • After downloading the file to your computer/laptop/PC, right-click on it and select open.
  • This will take you to the installation page.
  • You will be redirected to a new window.
  • You can customize this installation by selecting View install or selecting Let’s go to begin the installation.
  • The downloading of a few files will take some time.
  • The restart will necessitate proper performance.

Why Is Ea Desktop Not Opening?

There are several possible reasons why EA Desktop or Origin will not open on your computer. A little flaw or corrupted file is all it takes for EA’s app to crash, just like all other beautiful examples of human-made software.

If the information in the Origin app becomes corrupted, the Origin app may stop working. If your PC runs out of energy in the middle of a game or if a replacement fails for some reason, Origin’s data may be lost, and Origin may be unable to launch.

EA Desktop App

If the cache information in Origin becomes too large, the program may fail during the startup process. While Origin appears to be the source of its problems, don’t discount Windows or your hardware.

System updates, obsolete graphics drivers, and faulty system information can all cause Origin to stop working on your computer.

These flaws are also likely to cause issues for users of EA Desktop, the gaming app that EA plans to replace Origin with at some time in the future.

Thankfully, these points may be easily restored through Origin or EA Desktop (as long as your PC hardware isn’t deteriorating).

After you’ve examined your PC’s performance, you can fix Origin or EA Desktop and resume playing your favorite video games.

Check for Updates to the App

Before you try any more harsh measures, make sure you’re using the most recent version of Origin or EA Desktop. EA may disable or ban older versions of the EA shopper to prevent bugs or outdated features from being exploited.

Origin and EA Desktop will usually try to replace themselves, but if they don’t, you may need to physically power it to change it. If you’ve disabled computerized updates in your settings menu, you’ll want to do this.

EA Desktop App

Remove All Cache Files

Both Origin and the newer EA Desktop program rely on a variety of non-permanent cache data to function. These details accumulate as EA’s gaming storefront apps download new games and app updates, load specific web pages within the app, and connect to EA’s servers.

Unfortunately, if the cache information becomes corrupted or too large, EA Desktop and Origin will not open or will stop working. With EA, it can also trigger connection points.

If Origin or EA Desktop is in offline mode and you are unable to connect, deleting your cache information may help.

Turn Off the Other EA Apps

If you’ve recently upgraded to the latest EA Desktop software but still have Origin installed, you might experience some problems. The two programs can’t run at the same time, therefore if you try to run them both at the same time, you’ll get an error notice.

When you try to start Origin while EA Desktop is running, the same thing happens. If one of the apps appears to be operating, make sure to close it completely before accessing the other EA program.

Remove and Reinstall the Original (or EA Desktop)

If everything else fails, uninstalling and reinstalling Origin will fix instances when Origin won’t open for no apparent reason. If the latest EA Desktop software isn’t working, you can uninstall it and reinstall it as a last resort.

Check for System and Driver Updates

If your system isn’t up to date, the latest bug fixes and choices may have an impact on your PC’s overall performance. In these situations, Origin and EA Desktop may stop operating, so it’s recommended to check for brand new updates to see if this fixes any issues with the app.

Any available system and driver updates will be installed by Windows. If your PC’s hardware is relatively new, you may wish to check the manufacturer’s websites for more recent driver information.

For example, if you’ve just installed a new graphics card, you might want to check the Intel, NVIDIA, or AMD websites for the latest recent driver.


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