Dutch Film ‘Forever Rich’: We Have Some Exciting Information About This Movie!


What Happens To Richie Rick’s Rap Career? In the movie, Forever Rich, we see a lot of what happens to Richie Rick after he becomes famous. He has a hit song and is on top of the world. But then his fame starts to fade away and he needs to figure out how to stay relevant in the rap game. This video will tell you everything that happens with Richie Rick’s rap career at the end of Forever Rich! It’ll answer your question about whether or not he gets back into music again or if his life goes in another direction. 

What’s the Ending of ‘Forever Rich,’ a 2019 Dutch Film?

In today’s world of social media and viral videos, this film is a reflection of how quickly fame may pass by.

The Netflix original, De Nederlandse drama, is rather contemporary in today’s world. Richie Rich is a rising hip-hop artist who unravels when his career fails and an unflattering film of him goes viral. After his career appears to have come to an end, he is driven to seek retribution on the people who were responsible for it. It does not work out as planned, however.

Shady El-Hamus and Jeroen Scholten van Aschat wrote the script, which was directed by Shady El-Hamus. This film is a testament to how quickly fame can arrive and vanish in today’s age of social media and viral videos. You may watch it on Netflix.

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‘ ‘ Plot Synopsis

Richie Rick (Jonas Smulders) is an up-and-coming rapper who appears to be unrivaled, with a devoted girlfriend, devoted mother, and devoted fan base. He is a heavy user of social media and promotes himself as a “thug.”

After signing a three-million-dollar contract with Sony, he finally gets his chance. When things appear to be going well for him, he is attacked by a group of masked robbers in the car park just when it appears that he will have a successful future.

The “real 1112 street soldiers,” as they refer to themselves, arrived on the scene. They steal Richie’s watch, phone, and film a video of the entire incident. In the viral video, Richie is seen sobbing as he is held with a machete to his neck. In this video, Richie is on the verge of losing it all.

Richie’s Plan to Get His Professional Life Back and Reconnect With His Family

After the video of him sobbing as he is taken hostage by gangsters goes viral, his popularity takes a dive. He earns a terrible review, he gets ridiculed by individuals on the internet, and he becomes furious. He vents his fury on his girlfriend, who has had enough of him devoting all of his time to the internet while he’s worried about what other people are saying. But all of this leads Richie to resolve to reclaim his timepiece from the gangster, restoring his self-respect. He employs it as a pretext to give the hooded man a lecture.

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Richie is obsessed with restoring his reputation, and he makes a deal with the 1112 gang. He offers them a large sum of money in exchange for the timepiece. Richie suspects embezzlement when one of the robbers takes his money. He chases after them, but they flee with the money. The leader of the gang presumes that his assailants had already uploaded a video of him to social media, and he is now going to record one for them. He does just that and then uploads it online. The officer, who was about to shoot the dog, shoots him in the leg by mistake. He then discards the weapon and flees with his property after having retrieved them. He films a video in which he claims victory over the people who took his valuables, after which he shoots.

In the end, everything appears to be improving. Sony has reached out to Richie again, and he’s back on the road. Furthermore, he was approached by a number of different record labels. In the end, his mother appears on stage to hug him before he performs. Richie looks weary as if he has not recovered from everything that’s happened. He also remembers his childhood when his mother taught him that the desire for fame and money was a good thing. Even as Richie appears to be confused by himself, the film closes on this note.

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