Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Expected Soon!

Dragon Ball Super Season 2

“Power comes in response to a need, not a desire. You have to create that need.” Oh wait! Do you recognise this dialogue? Can you guess who said this?

Oh, yes you are right if you guessed that was Goku. This is one of the dialogues from Dragon Ball Z. If you have watched that super duper anime series then and only then you would get the idea!

Dragon Ball Z is one of the most popular animated series! Do you love it? Well, it is an amazing anime worth a watch! And for those Dragon Ball fans if you know that Dragon Ball Super Season 1 was out and gathered a lot of attention.

And with this tremendous success with season 1 the Dragon Ball franchise is expected to come up with the idea of another amazing sequel of 2nd season in the Dragon Ball Super series. There is a lot from this popular manga that you really need to know!

Here’s everything that I got to know so far!

Dragon Ball Super | About

Dragon Ball Super Season 2

Akira Toriyama is the man behind this stunning creation of the Dragon Ball Super. You would be pleased to know that the high grossed anime film Dragon Ball Super, the Dragon Ball Z tv series and the Dragon Ball Super anime series is the product of Toei Animation production.

Toei Animation has brought the on screen launches of Dragon Ball japanese manga of Toriyama and gathered a lot of fan followers of Dragon Ball. The Dragon Ball franchise started with the series of 131 episodes in a row on tv! If you have watched it you better know it!

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What Will Be The Storyline Of Dragon Ball Super Season 2?

‘The Tournament of Power Arc’ – do you remember that? Oh yeah that one was from the previous season. Dragon Ball Super Season 1 mainly focuses on this Power Arc Tournament.

We can expect to see the continuation of the unclear end of season 1 while Moro Arc can make a good story in season 2 and that totally depends on the Toei Animation what they are going to present to us.

Who Are The Characters Of This Anime?

Characters! Hmmm they are hopefully going to the favourite ones as they have always been it is a rare expectation to see someone new. While Goku and Vegeta to be seen again is highly a desire from many of you.

So, how many Goku fans out there and how many Vegeta let me know in the comment box! Let us see which one is more favourite among the fan followers.

So, the characters are certain to be the same while I expect the cast to be the same as well, where

Goku was voiced by Sean Schemmel and the stunning Vegeta voice credit goes to Christopher R. Sabat. While Jason Douglas, Ian Sinclair, and Sonny Strait have voiced Beerus, Whis and Krillin respectively.

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Will Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Come Out In 2021?

Dragon Ball Super Season 2

During an interview the Toei animator Florence Jay Dominguito stated indirectly about the future of the Dragon Ball Franchise in upcoming movies and anime. He mentioned it so clearly about the comeback of Dragon Ball Super anime with a brand new season!

Yet any other information about when the launch takes place is uncertain. So, I cannot say whether it will be out by the end of 2021 or not but where there is a hope there is a way! And so we can together hope to see the new season soon!

As of now the production is working on the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero the sequel film to Dragon Ball Super: Broly which is to be launched in the near future of the year 2022. And the anime series continuation is expected after that.

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What Is The Release Date For Dragon Ball Super Season 2?

The release date is just the expected one that is based on predictions made by fans and followers of Dragon Ball franchise but the official notification is highly awaited as of now! We will update you soon about this!

Is There Any Trailer Launched For Dragon Ball Super Season 2?

There is no trailer for the anime series from Toei Animation yet but the trailer for the Dragon Ball Super 2 movie has been launched. While there are some clips from Dragon Ball that you would love to watch.


So, for the Dragon Ball fans there is a lot of delight to come with the new movies and anime series which are certain to be launched soon in the near future. Get ready for the mega Dragon Ball show!

Also, leave comments below how good you find this article! Stay tuned with us for all updates from the entertainment.


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