Dr. Romantic Season 3 Episode 1 Release Date: Mark The Date On Your Calendar!!!

Dr. Romantic Season 3 Episode 1 Release Date

Dr. Romantic is a South Korean Television Series that was related to Medical Melodrama, Romance, the series was written by Kang Eun- Kyung and Lim Hye- Min, Directed by Yoo In- Shik, Park Soo-Jin, Lee Gil- Bok, and Kang Bo- Seung, Executive Producers were Han Jung- Hwan, Sung Hye- Jin, Producers were Park Hyun- Ji, Ahn Jae- Hyun and Shin Sang- Yoon, Editors were Jo In- Hyung and Lim Ho- cheol, Production Companies were Samhwa networks Studio S, Cinematography was done by Lee Gil- bok, Song Yo- hoon.

The series follows the story of a talented but mysterious surgeon, Dr. Kim Sa-bu, and the challenges he faces in the medical world.

The show first premiered in 2016 and quickly became a hit with audiences. It was followed by a second season in 2020, which was also well-received.

When Will Dr. Romantic Season 3 Episode 1 Landed?

The Dr. Romantic is about to premiere, but there is Official notification or information related to Season 3 Episode 1. 

The Season 1 of The Dr. Romantic was released on 7 November 2016 and the Second season of The Dr. Romantic was released on 6 January 2020. The third season was scheduled to premiere on 28 April 2023

What Was Happening In The Dr. Romantic Season 3 Episode 1?

Dr. Romantic Season 3 Episode 1 is scheduled to be released, In Season 3 Episode 1 of “Dr. Romantic,” the brilliant surgeon Kim Sa-bu to Doldam Hospital. After leaving the hospital at the end of Season 2, he has been traveling around the world to gain more experience and skills as a surgeon.

Upon his return, Sa-bu finds that the hospital has undergone some changes. A new CEO, Seo Woo-jin, has taken over and is implementing new policies that designated profits over patient care. The hospital is also facing financial difficulties, and Woo-jin is considering selling the hospital to a larger medical conglomerate.

Dr. Romantic Season 3 Episode 1 Release Date

The hospital’s staff is dealing with their own personal and professional challenges. Cardiothoracic surgeon Do In-bum is struggling with a handshake that is affecting his ability to operate.

Nurse Oh Eun-jeong is dealing with the aftermath of a failed romance and trying to move on. And new resident Seo Hyeon-jin is adjusting to life at Doldam Hospital and trying to prove herself to her colleagues.

As the episode progresses, Sa-bu takes on a difficult case involving a patient with a rare condition that requires delicate surgery. He clashes with Woo-jin over the best course of treatment, with Sa-by insisting on prioritizing the patient’s well-being over the hospital’s financial concerns.

Through his guidance and expertise, Sa-bu helps the hospital staff overcome their personal and professional challenges and reminds them of the importance of putting patients first.

Who Is In The Cast Of The Dr. Romantic Season 3 Episode 1?

Dr. Romantic Season 3 Episode 1 Release Date

  • Han Suk-kyu as Kim Sa-bu/Boo Yong-joo: Han Suk-kyu plays the role of the genius surgeon Kim Sa-bu, also known as Boo Yong-Joo. He is the mentor to young doctors at Doldam Hospital and is known for his unconventional methods.
  • Ahn Hyo-Soop as Seo Woo-jin: Ahn Hyo-shop plays the role of Seo Woo-jin, a skilled surgeon who becomes one of Kim Sa-bu’s mentees. He is determined and wants to become a great surgeon like his mentor.
  • Lee Sung-Kyung as Cha Eun-Jae: Lee Sung-Kyung plays the role of Cha Eun-Jae, a talented surgeon who suffers from a panic disorder. She is initially hesitant to work with Kim Sa-bu but eventually becomes one of his mentees.
  • Kim Joo-hun as Park Min-gook: Kim Joo-hun plays the role of Park Min-gook, a skilled surgeon who becomes one of Kim Sa-bu’s mentees. He is often at odds with Seo Woo-jin but eventually learns to work with him.
  • Jin Kyung as Oh Myung-sim: Jin Kyung plays the role of Oh Myung-sim, the head nurse at Doldam Hospital. She is a tough but caring figure who helps Kim Sa-bu and his mentees navigate the challenges of the hospital.
  • Im Won-hee as Jang Gi-tae: Im Won-hee plays the role of Jang Gi-tae, the director of Doldam Hospital.

Recap Of The Dr. Romantic Season 2

In “Dr. Romantic” Season 2, the continuation of the story of Dr. Kim Sa-bu and his colleagues at Doldam Hospital. Sa-bu is a highly skilled surgeon with a rough exterior and a troubled past, and he is known for his unorthodox methods and his willingness to stand up for what he believes in.

The season begins with Sa-bu returning to Doldam Hospital after a period of absence, only to find that the hospital is facing financial difficulties and is on the side of being shut down. To make matters worse, a new doctor, Do Yoon-wan, has been brought in to take over the hospital and implement new policies that prioritize profits over patient care.

Dr. Romantic Season 3 Episode 1 Release Date

Sa-bu and his colleagues, including nurse Oh Myung-sim and surgical resident Park Eun-tak (played by Kim Min-Jae), must work together to save the hospital and continue to provide high-quality medical care to their patients.

They face numerous challenges, including a deadly virus outbreak, a power struggle with Yoon-wan, and personal struggles of their own.

Along the way, Sa-bu takes on several difficult cases, including a young patient with a brain tumor and a pregnant woman with a life-threatening condition. He also forms a close relationship with a young surgeon, Seo Woo-jin, who has a troubled past of his own.

Is The Official Trailer Available For The Dr. Romantic Season 3 Episode 1?

The Dr. Romantic Season 3 Episode 1 is set to be premiering and the trailer related to Season 3 is out now, check out the given trailer of Season 3 of Dr. Romantic.

Where Did The Dr. Romantic Season 3 Episode 1 Aired?

The Dr. Romantic Season 3 Episode 1 is about to come and fans are eagerly waiting for this current season. The first 2 seasons of Dr. Romantic were aired on SBS TV and OTT platform Netflix. It contains a total number of 16 episodes and the running time of the episodes is 63-90 minutes at 10 PM according to Korean Standard Time. 

The current season is also set to be aired on SBS TV and Netflix

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Final Words

While the exact release date of Dr. Romantic Season 3 Episode 1 has been announced, fans are eagerly waiting for Season 3. With its talented cast, intricate storylines, and complex characters, the show is sure to be a hit with audiences once again. Get Ready for the upcoming Season of Dr. Romantic. 

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