Doug Peterson announces Jalan Hurts to be Eagles’ opening quarterback for Cowboys

Eagles head coach Doug Peterson spoke to reporters on Monday after being given the opportunity to reconsider the image from Sunday’s (close) loss, and announced the opening quarterfinal against the 16th weekly tournament. Dallas Cowboys: Jolen Hertz.

This should not really be a big surprise, as it defeated the Saints in the 14th week and then the offense came from behind and led to the building of the Cardinals in the 15th week – even if they failed by a score.

Here is what the head coach has to say about the result:

Jalan Hertz vs. Dallas

Peterson will not say whether Hurts will be the starting player for the final game of the season, but said he would like to see how he and the team recover from yesterday’s loss. So, the Hurts will start this week against the Cowboys.

Hurts was asked if this would be enough to assess the QB and his potential starting later in the year. Federson admitted that it would give them a better idea of ​​what they could do, but apparently they haven’t had a full job in more than 16 games and a pre-season. But if you go back to Hertz’s college days and see how he led those teams and the successes he led, it’s a sign of who he is.

Peterson, however, noted that there is still room for improvement

A few weeks ago he mentioned that he talks weekly with Jeffrey Lowry and Howie Roseman, but will not engage in those conversations, only to say that none of those individuals weighed in at the end of the early quarter.

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Jalan Hertz vs. Arizona

The head coach noted that Hurts defended the football by committing an offense. He pointed out that the guys around him were playing better and elevated their game which helped Hurts win.

“He led the team. He played hard mentally and physically, which was great. ”

Peterson also talked about Hearst stretching plays with his legs, and the nature of the game and playing from behind meant he had to throw more out of the pocket on Sunday. But, Hertz kept the guys involved throughout the game and eventually gave it a chance to win.

The guys around Hurts were asked to highlight their game, and Jolen Recore initially missed time, and Alshan Jeffrey finally said he was healthy, so it’s time of year when things really start to click. He had no idea if Carson Vents had stayed in the QB, or if their progress had been related to being in the Hertz field they would have seen the same level of improvement.

Peterson later explained that things in the locker room were not vents versus hertz, but rather a group fight and itching each week to see how this season could end. He noted that Vents is a professional and helps with things on and off the field and that the team does not feel any animosity between the guys.

Other notable

  • Peterson talked a bit about how COVID protocols have been challenging to bring in the new players needed due to injury. When asked specifically about being on a concussion protocol this week, Cameron Johnston said Peterson said the NFL has released some new guidelines and if a player is in a testing environment – just like another team’s training team – they have a chance to drop them off the field as soon as possible.
  • The head coach was asked about Matt Fryer and overall he admitted he played well, but left some excuses. Peterson went back and after watching the film, noticed that not all the excuses were in the OL and said that sometimes it was due to QB. In the 3-step fall, Jalan Hurts mentioned that he needed to know if the ball should come out of his hands – it happened a few times yesterday.
  • The message he gave to the team this week was that they are still in control of their destiny for the rest of the season. He has never been a part of a season where it is possible to win the division by 6 wins, but Dallas and Washington still have a chance to win.
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