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After throwing a grenade that threatened to blow up a major Govt relief and government finance bill and force the government to stop in the midst of an epidemic, Donald Trump Playing golf for the second time at Christmas.

Failure to accept this bill could result in the denial of checks to millions of Americans on the brink.

Trump had no events on his public schedule on the first day of his winter vacation on Thursday, but traveled to his Palm Beach golf club, where he was spotted on links by CNN cameras.

No details were given to reporters about the day’s schedule, but he said, “As the holiday season approaches, President Trump will continue to work tirelessly for the American people. His schedule includes many meetings and invitations. ”

Trump’s departure came as a surprise to Washington, whose 11-hour demand was agreed upon by more than 600 members of his own party – the 11-hour demand that congressional leaders negotiate for months and issue $ 2,000 crore in checks to many Americans. The idea was quickly rejected by House Republicans during a rare Christmas Eve session, which reduced the plan.

Following Trump’s assurances to White House GOP leaders that he would support it, the two-party compromise was considered an agreement and received overwhelming approval in the House and Senate this week. 4 If Trump refuses to sign the agreement, which is linked to the 1.4tn government finance bill, it will force the federal government to suspend aid checks, in addition to suspending unemployment benefits and eviction protections. International spread.

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This is anti-Republican sentiment in Congress from a president who was outraged by the November 3 loss of President-elect Joe Biden and is trying to come up with new, increasingly outrageous plans to thwart the results of the democratic election. He was picked up by allies such as his lawyer, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who flew with the president on a Florida Air Force plane.

Trump’s anger has focused on Republicans in Congress who believe he did not give enough support to Biden’s search for victory by making unsubstantiated allegations of mass voter fraud before Congress convenes to submit election college votes on Jan. 6.

Meanwhile, the country continues to be plagued by the spread of the corona virus, with more than 327,000 people now dead in registered infections and hospitals. And millions are facing the opportunity to spend the holidays alone or to be unable to meet due to the economic number of epidemics without adequate income, food or shelter.

Meanwhile, Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Munuchin are trying to recover the year-end law. Democrats will remind House legislators in Washington on Monday to vote for Trump’s $ 2,000 proposal, but it will die in the GOP-controlled Senate. They are considering a Monday referendum to avoid at least one federal strike and keep the government in power until Biden takes office on January 20.

In addition to relief checks, the passed Govt bill establishes an additional $ 300 a week in unemployment benefits, providing new round of subsidies to severely affected businesses, restaurants and theaters and schools, and assisting distributors and Govt vaccine distribution that pays for health.

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