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Doctor Stranger Season 2: Whole Information Under Single Roof

Doctor Stranger Season 2: Whole Information Under Single Roof

Korean television series are gaining popularity these days. One of the South Korean television series is Doctor Stranger. The last season was released in the year 2014 which had 20 episodes. The series is based on medical romance and written by Park Jin-woo and Kim Joo. prominent stars that were part of season one were Kang So-ra, Jin Se-Yeon, Park Hae-jin, Lee Jong Suk, and many more.

Before jumping into the details of the second season let me take you to the synopsis of season 1. The child named Park Hoon and his father were tricked and sent to North Korea. But after that, they were not allowed to return to South Korea. Living in North Korea Park Hoon was trained as a doctor by his father who was already a prominent Doctor in South Korea. There Hoon falls in love with a girl named Song Jae-hee. After the death of Hoon’s father, he tried to go back to South Korea with his love and he managed to do so. But his love Song was unable to flee from there. In South Korea, he began to work at a top-notch Hospital and there he found the girl who exactly looks like Jae-hee.

When will Doctor Stranger Season 2 release?

As of now, we are not aware if Season 2 will be back or not. There are no official updates regarding the release date of Doctor Stranger Season 2. If any of the official updates will come out we will post them here as soon as possible. The first season of this medical romance drama was out on 5 May 2014 and wrapped on 8 July 2021. The total number of episodes was 20 that were shown every Monday and Tuesday. Once the news of the second season will be out it will create buzz among the public because season one is loved by many people. The drama was mostly known as Dakteo Yibangin.

Platforms on which you can watch Doctor Stranger Season 2

The drama was released on SBS initially so it is quite easy for you to find the series on the online site of SBS. You need not worry the drama is also available on the most popular streaming network Netflix and subtitles are also available. You can also watch Doctor Stranger Season 2 on sites like Viki that also have numerous subtitles. The drama is not yet sure but you can expect more thrill, romance in season 2 will come.

What will be the plot of Doctor Stranger Season 2?

Season one ended on a good note without many cliffhangers so we can expect a new plot with Doctor Stranger and more new cases will be there in season 2. There are strong chances that season 2 will never return but we can hope the medical romance to hit our screens again.

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