District 9 Sequel: Details about District 10

district 9 sequel
district 9 sequel

Are you a sci-fi fan? If yes, good news because today I will be discussing one of the finest sci-fi movies to have produced, District 9 (District 9 sequel to be precise).

This article will cover mostly the information and knowledge I have about the sequel to the blockbuster movie District 9. So, without further ado, we shall get started.


Back in 2009, South African film got a concise second at the center of attention when Neill Blomkamp’s short film, Alive in Joburg, sought the full-length treatment.

It was the aftereffect of a wild juncture of occasions — maker Peter Jackson was attempting to adjust Halo into a component film with Blomkamp’s assistance at that point, however in the background, dramatization prompted the task being rejected, with components of the creation being repurposed for an anecdote about politically-sanctioned racial segregation in the time of monster outsider crickets.

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The outcome was the Academy Award-assigned District 9, one of the most mind-blowing got bits of big-screen sci-fi of its age.

Using a discovered film tasteful and set under a skinny cloak of political analysis, District 9 gave worldwide crowds 112 minutes of difficult-to-overlook purposeful anecdote.

Supportively, it likewise wowed pundits and did gangbusters business, establishing film industry standards for a South African film with its $210 million take.

Over 10 years after the fact, all of this makes one wonder – for what reason haven’t we seen a District 9 spin-off at this point?

The stand-by may be over soon. Neill Blomkamp took to Twitter on February 25, 2021, to tell fans that a re-visitation of the Prawn camps could be coming.

District 9 Sequel: Cast

district 9 sequel
district 9 sequel

It’s still early days for the development to District 9, and projecting news is as yet far off.

All things considered, there’s one entertainer that fans can securely put cash on seeing once more: Sharlto Copley, the star of the main film and the short film it depended on, Alive in Joburg.

Copley has generally gone with Blomkamp films like jam with peanut butter.

In the wake of showing up in Alive in Joburg and District 9, he played generous parts in the chief’s other large spending plan creations.

He co-featured in 2013’s Elysium close by Matt Damon and gave an exhibition to the special visualizations group to reference as the eponymous robot in Chappie.

In Blomkamp’s tweet declaring the content for another District 9 picture, he acknowledged Copley as a co-essayist.

At the point when last we saw Copley’s District 9 person, Wikus van de Merwe, he’d been changed into an outsider through the force of sci-fi bizarreness.

Taking him back to the universe would mean either a re-visitation of meaty human life through similarly science fiction implies or another CGI-shrouded execution like in Chappie.

In any case, he’s a stalwart entertainer who’s been criminally underutilized in the years since the main film, and it is incredible to see him back at work, exoskeletal or in any case.

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district 9 sequel
district 9 sequel

The concise declaration of a work-in-progress script doesn’t give us a great deal to go on, however, we can get a couple of clues from what we’ve effectively heard.

What we can gather from the plot of the main film is that District 10 will be a considerably more somber issue than its archetype.

In the principal film, District 10 is portrayed as an even less agreeable, completely isolated region for lodging our outsider visitors, a spot more like an internment camp than a ghetto.

Assigned as the new, government-implemented home to the Prawns, it’s said to house 2.5 million extraterrestrials and then some.

The chances for new political analogies are incredibly obvious targets.

On the other hand, possibly District 10 will be a decent anecdote about everybody getting along and Wikus beginning a metal blossom shop in Pretoria with his new spouse, Charlene. You just never know. Until further notice, stay tuned.

District 9 Sequel: Release Date

district 9 sequel
district 9 sequel

The bottom line is that District 10 is most likely far off, however, there hasn’t been a particular declaration in regards to what sort of a period we’re checking out yet.

Neill Blomkamp has been prodding a District 9 continuation since before District 9 came out.

He told SyFy back in 2009 that if (District 9) is effective assuming crowds need another, whatever, District 10, he couldn’t want anything more than to do it.

It’s extremely close to the home film, and it’s a universe and a spot that he observes to be staggeringly imaginative. He’d love to return to that universe.

He kept on alluding to a spin-off throughout the long term, never offering a firm response when requested release date.

As of now, the nearest thing we understand is Blomkamp’s typical crush.

Until now, he’s coordinated four movies, each somewhere in the range of two and six years separated from the last — 2009’s District 9, 2013’s Elysium, 2015’s Chappie, and the forthcoming 2021 loathsomeness picture Demonic. In the best-case scenario, District 10 would give off an impression of being several years off.

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Is D9 Too Difficult to Even Consider Following Up?

Region 9 finished on a cliffhanger, and the imaginary world of the film is rich with topics and storylines to investigate.

Sharlto Copley needed to do a continuation, and District 9 was a colossal accomplishment for Peter Jackson and his creation organization.

However, the furthest that the District 9 continuation sought was an 18-page treatment. Another terrible sign is that with no affirmed projects on his plate, Blomkamp isn’t utilizing the chance to compose and coordinate the development.

One justification for that might be because District 9 was too enormous of a hit. Once more, it was fruitful in the cinema world, it was assigned for four Academy Awards, it has a 90 percent Rotten Tomatoes score, and it showed up on various “best of” arrangements of 2009.

All of this was unanticipated by the movie producers and the creation organization.

Initially, Blomkamp was picked by Jackson to coordinate a film dependent on the computer game establishment, Halo, for his creation organization.

At the point when the film was delivered, its subjects of social isolation, xenophobia, and bigotry enrolled with moviegoers and pundits, which aided make it a staggering accomplishment interestingly writer/director.


This was it for District 9 sequel. Let’s just hope that the makers don’t disappoint us.

Feel free to put down your doubts, concerns, questions, or criticisms in the comment section below. I would love to have a conversation.

After all, it is you guys who would help me become a good writer. Peace out!


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