Disney’s Marvel Studios Issuing Stan Lee’s Family To Keep The Rights Of ‘Avengers’ Characters


They are also suing the estate of Steve Ditko, who co-created Spiderman and Doctor Strange, as well as Stan Lee and Gene Colan, creators of Daredevil.

To maintain total control of the characters they created, Disney’s Marvel unit has sued the family of legendary late comic book artist Stan Lee. They are also suing the relatives of late Steve Ditko, who co-created and with Stan Lee, and Gene Colan, whose work includes.

The characters want to keep total control, including and others. Disney is attempting to obtain declaratory relief, according to the documents, that these characters are ineligible for copyright termination because they were produced as works made for hire.

If Disney wins its lawsuit, Marvel will be forced to share copyright ownership of the world’s most famous heroes. The suit is based on the Marvel Method, which is a looser collaborative working environment between the artist and the author in which the artwork is initially drawn up with the given plot and subsequent dialogues are added.

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According to a July 12 complaint filed with the Florida Office of Rights and Redress, “Marvel had the right to exercise creative control over Lieber’s contributions and compensated Lieber at a per-page rate for his work,” referring to Larry Lieber, who also worked as a writer for Marvel and submitted termination notices regarding creations in May.

Disney is pursuing legal action against Stan Lee’s heirs, Steve Ditko’s relatives, and others in order to learn the origins of Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Dr. Strange. Strange and more. Larry Lieber, the 89-year-protecting brother of comic book legend Stan Lee, is among those named in the lawsuit.

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The heirs of the comic book creators will be represented by attorney Marc Toberoff. Dan Slott has represented the Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster heirs in a failed termination lawsuit against Warner Bros. and DC, according to previous reports.

At the time, Daniel Petrocelli and Matthew Kline from Warner Bros. and DC Comics were on hand. Petrocelli is, by coincidence, representing Disney in the lawsuit. In California and New York, he’s bringing numerous suits against Lieber, Don Heck, Patrick Ditko, Don Rico, and Keith Dettwiler on the grounds of creating famous comic book characters.

If the case between Marvel and Sony does not go as planned, the rights to Spider-Man could revert to Sony/Columbia in June 2023.

‘The fact that we filed these lawsuits to show that the terminations notifications are invalid and ineffective suggests to me that they’re trying to de-escalate,’ Petrocelli said in an interview with the New York Times. At the time, their material was most certainly not “work prepared for hire” under the law.

‘It’s a good idea to make sure the person you’re speaking with is familiar with what your company does and isn’t in charge of their portion,’ she adds. ‘These were all freelancers or independent contractors who worked in their basements piecemeal for carfare.’

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‘Neither party can claim to be the author of any writings,’ he continued, ‘but they may seek to profit from another’s work.’ He finished by adding, “At the heart of these situations is an outdated and highly criticized view of ‘work-made-for-hire that must be corrected.”

Toberoff had previously worked on the Jack Kirby petition, which sought to establish whether he could withdraw a copyright license for. His heirs were unable to retain the rights, so it was ruled that they do not exist. The latest protest against Marvel Entertainment’s comic book creator heirs is also in the same vein.


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