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Iraq Dinar News

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Iraq Dinar News February 8, 2016

The Iraqi Dinar is seeing some positive news lately as it strengthens against the U.S. dollar. This trend can be attributed to a number of factors including economic stability in Iraq, increasing oil production, and an improving relationship between Baghdad and Tehran.

Despite these positive indicators, there are still concerns about the future of the Iraqi Dinar. Here are some recent developments in the currency:

1) The Iraqi Dinar has strengthened against the U.S. dollar in recent months due to a number of factors including economic stability in Iraq, increasing oil production, and an improving relationship between Baghdad and Tehran.
2) There are still concerns about the future of the Iraqi Dinar however as volatility remains high and concerns persist about inflation and whether Baghdad will able to keep up with its foreign debt obligations.

Dinar Guru Interviews

Dinar Guru interviews members of the Iraqi Dinar community in Baghdad.

In this interview, Dinar Guru speaks with local Iraqi businessman, Ali Azzam. Ali Azzam has been involved in the Iraqi Dinar community for over 10 years and is a highly respected member of the community. He provides insights into the current state of the Iraqi Dinar, as well as his predictions for its future.

Ali Azzam discusses how the Iraqi Dinar has fared since its inception in 2009. He notes that while there were some initial challenges, such as high inflation and lack of trust from many Iraqis, things are starting to look better now. Ali Azzam believes that the Iraqi Dinar is slowly gaining traction and that it has the potential to be a strong currency in Iraq and abroad.

Dinar Guru also speaks with Abdul Rahman al-Shamali, an economist who focuses on monetary policy and financial stability issues in Iraq. Abdul Rahman al-Shamali provides important insights into the current economic conditions in Iraq, as well as his predictions for the future.

He explains how difficult it has been for Iraq to recover from years of war and sanctions, but he remains optimistic about its future prospects under Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s government.

The Currency of the Future: The Dinar

The Dinar is the new currency of Iraq. Introduced in September 2016, it is intended to replace the Iraqi Dinar (IQD). The Dinar is currently worth about $0.07 USD.

The Dinar is based on the Islamic gold dinar. One dinar is equal to 1,000 fils.

New Iraq Stocks to Watch

Iraq is experiencing newfound stability following two years of political turmoil. The country’s stock market has seen strong growth in recent months, and there are now several stocks to watch on the Iraqi market.

The biggest winner so far has been the oil sector, with both crude oil exports and refinery output rising in 2016. This is likely due to increased demand from China and other neighboring countries, as well as improved security conditions at home.

Other sectors that are showing strong performance include telecommunications (due to increasing internet usage), tourism (thanks to an improved security situation and growing visitor numbers), and agricultural products (due to increased production).

Although the stock market is still relatively young, there are now a number of reputable brokers who can help investors participate in this exciting new market. If you’re interested in investing in Iraq, be sure to do your research first – there are plenty of risks involved, but also potential rewards.


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