Dexter New Blood Season 2: Everything You Need to Know About New Season

Dexter New Blood Season 2

Once again, one of television’s creepiest serial killers has spoken his goodbyes. Dexter: New Blood, Showtime’s spinoff miniseries depicting what happened afterward, has reached its conclusion. Is this, however, the final chapter? Is this the “end,” as Dexter’s season finale was?

Dexter New Blood Season 2

That inquiry should have a straightforward response. In the realm of current television, however, it is far from that. Do you want to know what happened to this bloody gem? Here’s all we know about the future of Dexter: New Blood.

Is the Second Season of Dexter: New Blood in the Works?

First, let’s get the logical solution out of the way. As a TV miniseries, Dexter: New Blood was advertised and produced. That usually translates to “one-and-done.”

When it comes to telling the same story, a miniseries refers to a self-contained story told over a limited number of episodes.

Dexter New Blood Season 2

Shows like Fargo and American Horror Story have managed to create multiple seasons by turning their miniseries into anthologies, but when it comes to telling the same story, a miniseries refers to a self-contained story told over a limited number of episodes.

As a result, no. There should not be a Dexter: New Blood Season 2 per the definition of the term “miniseries.” Not only that but Dexter: New Blood’s final episode was officially classified as a “series finale” by Showtime.

Again, that appears to be very straightforward, right? However, owing to Big Little Lies, networks no longer seem to care what words imply.

The HBO miniseries was the first to be renewed for a second season with the same cast and story. The executive producer of New Blood appears to be willing to breach this television norm once more.

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Series executive producer Clyde Phillips was asked if he would consider turning New Blood into a multi-season spinoff focusing on Dexter’s kid, Harrison, during the Television Critics Association’s 2021 winter tour (Jack Alcott).

“We’d like to get through Episode 10 and see where we’re at.” And, in any case, that’s a network decision,” Phillips said.

When TV Line asked Phillips about the show’s future six months later, he was a little more succinct.

Phillips stated, “It’s all in Showtime’s hands.” “If they called me and said, ‘We want to do Harrison,’ I’d be ecstatic. We want you to figure it out,’ I’m pretty busy right now, but I’d drop everything and dive straight in. I’d love to do that, but Showtime has the final say.”

When Will the Second Season of Dexter: New Blood Premiere?

Let’s pretend for a second that we live in a crazy universe where definitions don’t matter and New Blood is unmistakably returning. When will it be shown? Looking back in time is the greatest method to make an educated guess regarding this riddle.

Showtime officially ordered the Dexter miniseries in October of 2020. It was then released a month later, in November 2021. According to that timeframe, a new season of Dexter: New Blood takes a year to produce.

If the miniseries gets renewed for a second season and the COVID-19 epidemic does not create any delays, we can expect to see it in late 2022.

The Cast of Dexter New Blood Season 2

Despite the fact that Michael C. Hall‘s character Dexter has been killed off, we may see other characters from the previous season return if the show is renewed.

Dexter New Blood Season 2

Despite the fact that Alano Miller’s character, Sergeant Logan, died in season one, we may expect Jack Alcott, who played Harrison Morgan, Dexter Morgan’s son, as well as Julia Jones, who portrays Chief Of Police Angela Bishop, and Johnny Sequoyah, who plays Audrey Bishop, to return.

Jennifer Carpenter, who played Dexter’s deceased sister Debra throughout the current season, is expected to reprise her role in season 2.

The Plot of Dexter New Blood Season 2

Following Dexter’s death in the New Blood finale, Phillips said that season 2 will focus on Harrison, Dexter’s adult son. It’s too early to anticipate what will happen even if a future installment is announced.


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“Harrison is a fascinating person,” he remarked when asked about his “complex character” and “dark passenger” ancestry. He possesses the necessary skills. Harrison has a great desire to murder Dexter, as evidenced by the last scene.

“It was also unexpected to Dexter that Harrison’s take on vigilante violence differed from Dexter’s own,” he continued. The young man exudes a youthful optimism as a result of his father’s Batman and Robin identity.

Consider how many individuals we’re safeguarding when a handful of these crooks are removed from the equation. Dexter didn’t give it a second thought.


Harrison’s growth and progress were demonstrated in the conclusion. He was preparing to depart Iron Lake with Dexter after a common opponent set fire to their home.

After learning that Dexter had murdered his coach Logan, Harrison was determined to avenge himself by killing his father and inheriting the title of ‘Dexter.’

This has been alluded to in a possible future season. According to author Clyde Phillips, Harrison is a challenging guy who has the seeds of the evil passenger within him. He described Harrison’s approach to vigilantism as “special.”

With their innocent, joyous innocence, he and his father are practically Batman and Robin.” “Think about how many lives we save every time one of these nefarious persons is killed,” Phillips continues. Dexter hadn’t given it much thought. It was Dexter’s code to eliminate the bad guys.”


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