Dexter New Blood Season 2 Release Date: It Has Not Official Release Date!

Dexter New Blood Season 2 Release Date

Since then, the famous serial killer series has been brought back to life in the form of Dexter: New Blood.

Ten years have passed since the end of Season 8, and the reboot has started filming to make up for the ending many people didn’t like (read our Dexter: New Blood review for more on this).

Also, during its 10-episode run on Showtime, the show averaged about 8 million viewers per week, making it the most-watched show in Showtime’s history.

Gary Levine, who is in charge of entertainment for Showtime Networks, says that fans have shown “overwhelming” support for “Dexter: New Blood” since the first episode aired 10 weeks ago. “We appreciate their enthusiasm, regardless of whether or not they liked the ending.”

Fans who have seen the whole series want to know if there will be a second season of Dexter: New Blood.

Will There Be a Season Two of Dexter

According to landscapeinsight, The first season of “Dexter: New Blood” started on November 7, 2021, and ended on January 9, 2022, with ten episodes between 58 and 43 minutes long. So far, information about Season 2 has been made public.

Showtime or the show’s producers haven’t said anything about a second season of “Dexter: New Blood.” When Deadline asked Phillips if he was interested in continuing the story, he said yes.

Dexter New Blood Season 2 Release Date

He said the numbers would likely keep increasing after the last show. In the end, Showtime has to decide if they want to keep making the show or not.

If someone asks me about making a sequel, I will say “yes” right away. Even though I have a lot going on, I would gladly take this chance.

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In an interview with THR’s “TVs Top 5” podcast, Phillips hinted that there might be more “Dexter.” When asked if there would be a second season, he said, “Never say never.

I could have said either “yes” or “no.” I’m trying to understand that nothing is too far-fetched for a person to imagine.

I’m not going to say that this is the franchise’s end because anything could happen. That, in my opinion, is a great answer. The second season of Dexter: New Blood is set to come out on October 21, 2022.

On January 10, 2022, the show’s producer, Scott Reynolds, said on Twitter that the show would be getting a significant change in the morning. The second season of Dexter: New Blood is expected to start airing in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Dexter: New Blood Season 2 Cast

Michael C. Hall, Jack Alcott, Jennifer Carpenter, Julia Jones, and Clancy Brown play Jim Lindsay, Bay Harbor Butcher, Harrison Morgan, Debra Morgan, and Angela Bishop in the first season of “Dexter: New Blood” (Kurt Caldwell). John Lithgow (Arthur Mitchell/The Trinity Killer) is the only other person in the cast. Johnny Sequoyah (Audrey Bishop) and Sergeant Logan Alano Miller make up the rest of the form (Angel Batista).

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All the characters in The Walking Dead’s second season, including Hall, Carpenter, Brown, Miller, and Chung, have died.

Dexter New Blood Season 2 Release Date

If Harrison’s conscience is like Dexter’s, it might look like his father’s. The rest of the cast will probably also be back. As the show’s world grows, there may also be new cast members.

Dexter: New Blood Season 2 Plot

The last episode of season one is called “Sins of the Father” and airs on Fox. In it, Dexter is arrested. Kurt killed all of the women who had written on Angela’s wall.

Harrison talks to Dexter after he kills Logan to get to his son. He says that Dexter has broken his own rules by killing Logan. But Angela lets Harrison go after telling him that he can never come back for killing Dexter.

In the second season, Harrison’s dad wants to move to Los Angeles, which could lead to Harrison going there.

Dexter New Blood Season 2 Release Date

From where he is now, it will be easy for him to feed the Dark Passenger if it starts to move. Audrey could join him at some point, and Harrison’s half-siblings could show up later in the season.

What’s in Store for Harrison’s Future?

First, let’s get this out of the way: the character Dexter will not be back. Phillips said to Deadline, “I’ll tell you three words: Dexter is dead.” “I wouldn’t treat my audience that way.

It wouldn’t be honest of us to do that. The season finale of Dexter is here, and it’s clear. Dexter has died.”

So, in the end, Harrison gets in his car and drives away, free to go wherever he wants, just like Jesse did in the last episode of Breaking Bad.

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What an excellent chance to let out your inner child. Harrison might try to start over and make a new life for himself. Or is Harrison killing his father a complete change of heart, and we can expect him to be much worse in the future? Now, let’s move on to our profile of Louisa May Alcott.

Alcott was said to have said, “This is the first time he’s felt this way.” “Harrison has been taught all his life that he is a monster and has a mental illness.

In Iron Lake, he had friends, men like fathers to him, and a town that cared about him. He is relieved when he finds out he can live everyday life.

From Alcott’s point of view, Harrison’s retirement is coming up soon. On the other hand, Phillips seems to think that our antihero may be destined to make the same mistakes as his father.

Check out what Phillips said to Deadline about how important Harrison’s last moment was.

Phillips told the character, “Harrison is such a tough guy, and he has the seeds of the dark passenger in him.” “He has what it takes. Look at how Harrison beats up on Dexter. He has to kill this guy in the end.

Frequently Asked Question

Will Dexter: New Blood Have a Second Season?

Even though the main character died, the show’s producers already said there would be a second season. Clyde Phillips, who is in charge of the show, told TVLine, “It’s all up to Showtime.

When Did Season 2 of Dexter Come Out?

The second season of Dexter: New Blood will come out on September 30, 2007.
The second season of Dexter started on September 30, 2007, and ended on December 16, 2007. The show will no longer be based on the Dexter books from this season.

Is the Show Dexter: New Blood Over?

As of September 28, 2022, neither Dexter: New Blood nor its second season had been canceled or renewed. But it looks like this is a miniseries, so a renewal isn’t likely. Keep an eye out for more news.