Destiny is already the top scorer in the Spanish League

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66 ‘- Two changes in black: Andre Paolo and Thomas Silva enter to leave Maximiano and Matthews Nunes.

62 ‘- GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL SPORTING! Sporting! Sporting! From Pedro Gonalves! He is the king of the jungle! It is the best brand in I LEAGUE! SEFEROVIC exceeds and is a total craze among sporting players!

59 ‘- Gonzalo Plata comes on for Joao Pereira. Everyone embraces a full-back who should end their career today. Everyone applauded Joao Pereira and everyone stood at the box to greet the Portuguese!

54 ‘- Matthews Nunes tries his luck outside the islanders’ area, but the ball goes way too far!

52 ‘- Yovanni had everything to score, even if he counted, he was revoked from Cape Verde’s offside!

51 ‘- Pedro Gonçalves, on the edge of the area, hits Charles’ goal!

46 ‘- Yellow for Coates, after a bug on Alipour.

46 ‘- The second half has started in Alvalade! Palinha enters and leaves Daniel Braganca for Sporting.

45 + 1′- BREAK IN ALVALADE (3-0)!

45 ‘- one minute compensation!

41 ‘- Marítimo goal, but defeated. Alibor was in an irregular situation.

Check out here how Pedro Gonçalves appeared in front of Maritimo.

26 ‘- Charles denies Paulinho’s goal!

21 ‘- GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL SPORTING !!!! Caro goal! Defender, Charles, who did not dominate the tour, was delayed. What a fatal mistake in defending the island!

20 ‘- GOLOOOOOOOOOOOO SPORTING! By Pedro Gonalves, after a ball at the Daniel Braganache Center!

12 ‘- Paulinho shoots away and wastes the second in Alvalade!

7 ‘- GOOOOOOOOOOOOOL SPORTING! The brand Pedro Gonalves !!! The midfielder opens the scoring, a pass by Jovanni!

2′- Antunes was aiming for a great goal! Sideshow threw a “bomb”, but the first round accepted the column!

1 ‘- Alfalade is already playing!

0 ‘- Teams are already on the green carpet in Alvalade!

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“Our S”

Does our sport: Luis Maximiano Matthews Reis, Neto, Coates, Joao Pereira; Antonis, Daniel Bragansa, Matthews Nunes, Pedro Gonsalves, Giovanni and Paulinho.

Eleven of the Navy: Charles. Caro, Zinadine, Lucasfrico and Hermes; Pampock and Jan Ermer; Soderstrom, Gitan and Maedo; Alipur.

Sports alternatives: Andre Paolo, Nuno Mendes, Gonzalo Inacio, Palinha, Nuno Santos, Joao Mario, Thiago Thomas, Gonzalo Plata and Thomas Silva.

Alternate sailor: Prince, Claudio Wink, Beltrami, Edgar Costa, Melson, Rene Santos, China, Bellagio and Leo Andrade.

Preview: The duel between Sporting and Maritimo, scheduled for Wednesday, at 21:45, marks the last point in Premier League 2020/21.

The curtain closed with the Sporting Champion already and Maritimo with the maintenance bills, already sealed.

In this duel between the Lions, Alvaldi rediscovers the slogan that caused one of the biggest inconveniences of the season: the Portuguese Cup, knockout in the Round of 16.

Despite this recent disappointment, the confrontation between Lisbon and Madeira, in Alvalade, is smiling at Sporting, and Maritimo’s last win in the Portuguese capital goes back to February 2013. Since then, the tournament leader’s nine wins and a draw.

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