Denmark accuses US of helping spy on Angela Merkel and other European politicians

Similar allegations were made by Edward Snowden in 2013, who revealed documents showing several world leaders had tapped their phones.

EFE / EPA / Adam Perry / POOLSpokeswoman, Prime Minister Angela Merkel is unaware of FEA's involvement with the NSA.

Secret Service Denmark (FE) is accused of aiding the U.S. Defense Agency To us (NSA) to spy on text messages and telephone conversations of European politicians between 2012 and 2014. Among them are key government officials Germany, Including the Prime Minister Angela Merkel And the current president Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Said they did not know about this intelligence. Other targets would have been politicians France, Sweden And Norway. The Danish broadcaster released this information this weekend Donmarks Radio, The FE and NSA have not yet commented on the matter. Similar claims were already made in 2013 Edward Snowden, Former employee Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) He said the NSA had tapped the German chancellor's phone. In that case, The White House He did not deny the allegations outright, but promised that Angela Merkel would not be spying at this time and would not spy in the future. Following the release of this new report, Snowden used his Twitter profile to accuse the current US president, Joe Biden, "Should be deeply involved in this scandal". He was vice-president of the Democratic Party Barack Obama At the time of the spying.

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