Demi Lovato declares that she does not recognize either the male or female gender – the celebrities

American singer Demi Lovato revealed that she does not define herself as a bi and will change her consciences. The announcement came, on Wednesday, on social media, with the posting of a video explaining the reason for this decision.

He started by saying, “I’m very happy to share this with you.” “I am proud to reveal to you that I define myself as non-binary and will officially change my conscience to“ them / them ”. The singer also explains that this change has started over the past year and that she has “done some healing and self-reflection work” and that is how she thought about her gender identity.

“I’m still learning to express myself,” he admits, and “I don’t consider myself an expert or spokesperson.”

Demi Lovato had already announced her bisexuality and cut her hair to break free of society’s “gender and sexuality norms”. In the documentary about the singer’s life released in March, Demi talks about her old drug addiction and elimination journey and how she was “left to die” after being sexually assaulted by a heroin dealer.

Non-binary people do not identify with the feminine or masculine and tend to adopt neutral pronouns, such as “il,” “ilu,” and “il” and derivatives, replacing the vowels “a / o” at the end of words, as adjectives, with “e” (Lindo Linde ). Demi Lovato isn’t the first person to make this announcement. Other celebs like Sam Smith, Miley Cyrus, Cara Delevingne, and Ruby Rose have already announced the same thing.

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