Deathloop: a mixture of humor, deception, and almost roguelike gameplay

We watched a preview of the game and passed our impressions

Deathloop is the first person to shoot produced by Arkan Studios And published Bethesda Which will arrive in September of that year PlayStation 5 On the PC, at the publisher’s invitation, we preview the start of the gameplay and also some of the tasks in a developer-directed session. Here we will pass some of our impressions!

The game was initially introduced in E 3 In 2019 the game arrived to really show that it has a lot of style, and this was quite evident in our gameplay session. The aesthetics of the 1960s are wild with very bright colors, humorous dialogues and an animated soundtrack, which together give a lot of character to the game, with some reminiscent mechanics and will definitely please those who loved Dishonored.

The game has a Colt as its protagonist, stuck in a time course on Blackrive Island. As long as he has not finished with “Eight Dreamers,” he returns with each death to the moment he regains clarity on the shore. The player needs to cross the four provinces of the island: The Complex, Updaam, Fristad Rock and Karl’s Bay, looking for clues about their targets and then the game follows a logic that in some respects might resemble a roguelike game, but it will not. Be the same.

One of the elements that set it apart is that the game will not be very punitive in terms of deaths. The player just has to work his way up again – at a very exciting level design, something Arkane Studios has already shown they can do in games like Prey – and try again. The attempts can also include changes in time, with characters and locations changing in four different courses: morning, noon, afternoon, and night. Some of the ways to progress through the stage include being in the right place, at the right time, to be able to take advantage of the opportunities.

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With each new attempt, the world is reset, except for memories of Colt but also memories of his opponent, Juliana, who will bring an interesting multiplayer element to the game. The character would do anything to prevent Colt from ending the episode, and would play a very important role in managing the narrative through extremely heated dialogues with the protagonist. The element enters the Internet with another player who is able to control Juliana, so that you can conquer another player’s path, Catch him on the map and try to stop him.

Gameplay looked very fluid in the demo, with a mix of weapons – 10 different weapons announced, with some being used in pairs – and powers – six in total – making gameplay very dynamic, and this will remember some of the highlights from Dishonored. This creates combinations like being invisible, teleporting, moving enemies, and of course shooting them until they die from them.

The game gave me the feeling that there was a lot of potential, but like any bold idea, implementation will be a critical factor in my success. With the indicative session, we brought each new death to a new attempt with new discoveries and very interesting variations, but to give all this freedom to the player to explore the map and map its path, and combine this with a consistent narration and good progress, it will be a huge challenge. Now, wait until September to see if the format will work!

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