Death Note Season 2: Will It Ever Going To Happen?


The second season of ‘Death Note’ is guaranteed, according to a new chapter of the manga.

This post was recently reviewed and is up to date as of December 2021.

Dragonball Z has been a runaway success, continuing to be one of the best and most popular anime ever made after 15 years. The plot is based on a manga series of the same name written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata.

The anime television series adaptation of the story was the first broadcast in Japan in October 2006 and lasted until June 2007. MyAnimeList gave the anime a staggering 8.63 out of 2,016,714 votes.

For years, fans have awaited the release of a second season to the anime series. However, the studio that produced the successful anime has remained silent on whether or not it will continue. Is it finally happening? Let’s find out.

Is There Going to Be a Second Season of ‘Death Note’?

Renewal Status: Pending

For such a long time, we’ve been waiting for the follow-up to the original anime. There are a lot of theories that 2 is already on the way. However, there has been no official news of a sequel to the original anime.

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Why has it taken so long for Madhouse to establish a sequel to the series, despite its enormous popularity? One of the main reasons is the scarcity of source material. The manga on which the series is based comprises 108 chapters published in twelve tankobon volumes. The anime adaptation has already used up all of the source material.

However, there is new hope for fans!

Death Note Season 2

A solo written and illustrated by Ohba and Obata was published in February 2020. The standalone film was released ten years after the conclusion of Kira, and it featured a new narrative in the Death Note series. It could make for interesting source material for an anime sequel.

When Will the Second Season of ‘Death Note’ Be Released?

The manga is still continuing, so there is no date yet for the anime’s second season. We’ll keep you updated on any new developments.

What Is The Most Likely Storyline For ‘Death Note 2’?

The second season of ‘Death Note’ has yet to be confirmed. Unless we hear the official announcement, the narrative will remain a secret. However, our best guess is that the second season will most likely take on a similar format to the first, with ‘ If this happens, we can anticipate a time jump with a new narrative and antagonist for season 2.

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The Death Note is an enchanted notebook that allows one to bring about the death of anyone whose name is written in it. After being bored in the Shinigami realm, Light Yagami is given a notebook called the “Death Note” by Shinigami Ryuk. Light will write the names of those who are to perish in the “Death Note,” and he decides to use it to rid the world of wickedness, one criminal at a time.

Ryuk will return to the human world in the new possible source material for season 2, ‘ according to reports. Light approaches Minoru Tanaka, a bright kid who is as clever as light, and offers him the ‘Death Note.’

This time, the world has already implemented more precautions as a result of the Kira affair ten years ago.

Season 2 of ‘Death Note’ Who Will Play the Major Characters?

Ryuk will be there, as will his sly originator. So we may expect him again should there be a new season of The first anime, which has concluded the tale of Light. He might not be able to come back. The sequel will most likely follow Minoru Tanaka as the main character.

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