Dealth in Paradise Season 8 Cast , Spoilers and Review


Every day in our day-to-day lives we come upon many murder cases but when Robert Thorogood read about murder in the Caribbean during the cricket world cup. He came up with the idea of the new U.K. series. Death in Paradise is based on a false island in Saint Marie where the police inspector gets murdered in the room it is a french and English drama. The whole drama focused and zoom upon solving the murder and crime thrillers by BBC dramas.

First episode date: October 25, 2011

Number of episodes: 80

Program creator: Robert Thorogood

Language: English

Networks: BBC One, France 2

Writers: Robert Thorogood, Dana Fainaru, Justin Young

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Dealth in Paradise Season 8 Cast

Ben Miller acted as a DI Richard Poole for the drama series  1-3 (2011 to 2014)

 Kris Marshall acted as DI Humphrey Goodman from drama  series 3-6 (2014 to 2017), 

Ardal O’Hanlon  acted and played  as DI Jack Mooney from drama thriller series 6-9 (2017 to 2020) 

Ralf Little plays the role in the drama as DI Neville Parker as of series thriller in 9 (2020–present).

 Don Warrington played handsomely the role of the cope Commissioner Selwyn Patterson and Élizabeth Bourgine played the role of the bar and cafe tender and, later, Mayor Catherine Bordey. The duo has been playing the role in each and every role in the series from season one to eight in the series.

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Dealth in Paradise Season 8 Spoiler

A  Paul Raynor passenger was traveling the bus to Honore alone with four other people three other passengers and one driver. Now the police commissioner is investigating the murder who killed the one passenger other four people in the bus. But in the last, we all come to know that each and everyone has a motive to kill that person. The murder has been attached to a fifteen-year-old robbery at the casino where all the parties will benefit by the individual murder.

Whereas in the 2 episodes the zookeeper got murdered in the zoo in the presence of her colleague which consists of his wife, brotherand sister. The murder has been of thriller-like who is the killer’s wife or brother because these people were only present over there. But in the last, the murder has been linked to a previous murder in the zoo. The team investigates the murder with the new graduate neice of police cope.

In the 3 episodes, the television famous present Catherine gets murdered in the most thriller way on the island when she was filming her very next travel episode on the island. The team investigates and thinks that the producer has killed the lady but later the producer gets killed later Florence gets engaged in the team.

Episode 4 is about the plantation member who breaks the news that he is going to sell the length but as soon as it breaks the news he is that he has been murdered by the person who has been looking for the family. The investigation team thinks that it might be taking on revenge by the relatives these are the biggest hurdle in the story.

In the fifth episode, the people are excited to celebrate the Homecoming of the biggest annual festival and their queen but when the boat arrives at Saint Marie the boat has a dead body of the queen this creates a new crime spot only bread was missing from the boat forth, what’s the matter and who has killed the queen whereas Patrick and Florence decide there wedding which is just a week above but he gets murdered just before the wedding.

On the island now there is is is there is another murder taking place but this time with a suspicious call, the crime investigating team with their newly graduated Neice when to another island from where the call has been made, the biggest company and all their employee and the employer’ are under the police custody.

Then the Commissioner gets emotional and her new graduate niece consoles him to give away his emotional sight. In episode 7  the island’s favorite radio presenter Dixon gets Murdered in the air and now there is a mystery to solve but it becomes worse when the detective wants to know every move of the Commissioner.

In the very last episode, the three bachelors come on the island for their party in Saint Marie but as soon the island has been hit by a very hard Storm and the ranch owner advice the three men to stay in the tent but in the morning the dead body of one of them lying on the sand with a few scratches and marks on the hands let’s see a face able to solve the mystery or not.

Dealth in Paradise Season 8 Review

On the road Rotten Tomatoes, it is got a review Positive view of 67% the show has been telecast for 10 years with different Seasons all with 10 different murder stories and people have loved it in the UK, you can watch it on Amazon Prime.

Death of the paradise is one of the most loved shows in UK crime history though it has some Romcom the murder stories and  David Miller has played the best role the audience laughed and the season 8 was released after Christmas after the festive season people were full of sunshine and love though it has some over the top episodes as you see this the overall it’s a good show to watch.

Series has increased the tourism of the Caribbean Island people are in the love with the theme but in the series the island was used as a false, no islands in this name has been there.


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