Deadpool 3 Not Happening? Creator Rob Liefeld Rants About Feige and Marvel


According to Rob Liefeld, Marvel has no intention of continuing the Deadpool series.

As creator Rob Liefeld suggests, a third sequel may no longer be made, possibly due to the fact that we will not see Deadpool on the big screen again.

Liefeld had a talk with Comic two days ago when he loudly accused Marvel of causing the Deadpool delay.

Now, Liefeld spoke with Inverse where he expressed strong feelings against the MCU and claimed that Marvel’s big boss Kevin Feige has no interest in Deadpool.

When asked whether there will be another Deadpool or X-Force film, Liefeld responded with a realistic but negative prediction.

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He added that we’ve become a culture that looks forward to the next installments because that’s what businesses are pushing us to believe.

Liefeld was also frustrated with the fact that Kevin Feige is giving more attention to lesser-known characters like Black Widow, Eternals, and Shang-Chi.

He informed us that it was the first time he had ever questioned Feige. However, that hasn’t prevented him from expressing his frustration with the studio’s decision to abandon their original plan for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

He claims that Feige hasn’t laid out a strategy for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and went on to remark on how prominent characters like Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., and Black Widow say goodbye. He said that Sony almost got Tom Holland.

Liefeld sarcastically applauded Marvel, stating, ‘But you’re a genius. You’re a genius, Marvel. “I’m sick of this, and I’m the only one in the world who hasn’t seen it.” I can’t…’

Liefeld declared that he is not looking forward to Deadpool debuting at Marvel.

Liefeld concluded his presentation by stating that Marvel has no plans for Deadpool.

I’m in the past, man. I’m dwelling in the past because I’m unhappy with my present life. Liefeld said, “Do what I do,” before displaying a photo of Hugh Jackman mashed up as Wolverine/Deadpool.

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The two outings with Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool have generated approximately $1.5 billion in revenue. His foul mouth, violent behavior, and unsavory lifestyle made him a favorite among fans.


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