Days Anime Season 2 – Is Coming or Not ?


Days Anime Season, first season premiered on July 2, 2016, and aired for a total of 24 episodes before wrapping up on December 18, 2016. A two-episode OVA series, which was published on May 17, 2017, followed it. Days Anime Season 2 is coming soon .

Days will be getting a sequel, so the story isn’t over yet. Everyone expected a second season for the sequel, but it turns out that there would only be three more OVA episodes. Fans began to wonder if Day’s second season had been cancelled. Is Season 2 ever going to happen?

Days Anime Season 2 Locations have yet to be revealed by either the author or the company. Nobody knows if the second season has been cancelled or not.

Is There a Second of Days Anime Season 2?

Sports anime are rare, and Days is one of the few that focuses on soccer. Tsukushi and Jin are the two protagonists of the narrative. Two entirely distinct personalities. There isn’t anything special about Tsukushi, but Jin is hailed as a soccer genius for his skill on the field. They met on a rainy night and were lured into the world of soccer as a result. They hope to win the Tokyo Preliminary National High School Soccer Tournament.

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Is There Enough Material to Make a Second Season of Days Anime Season 2 ?

Season 2 of Days has released its first images. On January 20, 2021, the manga’s 376 chapters will be completed, while the anime series Days has adapted the first 80 chapters. However, there is plenty of material for a new season. Days, on the other hand, may not be renewed for a second season.

Due to the manga’s conclusion and the fact that most anime adaptations are designed to promote the source material, MAPPA does not have a need to prolong the series any longer than necessary. In addition, MAPPA is presently working on one of the most anticipated anime series of the moment, Chainsaw Man. MAPPA has no time to produce Season 2 of Day because of a tremendous workload.

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Days Anime Season 2 When It Will Release ?

Currently, the anime’s official status says that it has been cancelled, which is good news. As a result, Days Anime Season 2 has a limited likelihood of returning unless and until another company decides to pick it up. On the other hand, the chances of a reboot series or an anime feature are very strong in the future.

These projects, on the other hand, typically require a long time to acquire the green light. As a result, Days fans may not be able to witness any of the show’s projects for a few years. According to present circumstances, a release date in 2022 appears to be the most plausible. Keep an eye on this area for any and all developments in the future.

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