Cuomo orders orange zone corona virus rules for parts of Onondaga County, yellow zone expands

New York – Parts of Onondaga County are now one Corona virus Orange Zone, Government Andrew Cuomo said today.

Cuomo told a news conference in New York City that the Orange Zone includes parts of Syracuse, Soulway, Dwight and Linkord. The county’s yellow zone, which has been in effect since the beginning of this month and around the new orange zone, has also been expanded:

A map shows the new orange and yellow zone in Onondaka County. November 23, 2020Image courtesy of Onondaka County

The new Orange Zone post has stricter rules than the county Yellow Zone. The Orange Zone rules are as follows:

  • The house of worship is defined as 33% of their total capacity, from a minimum of 50% to a maximum of 25 people.
  • Collections are limited to 10 people indoors and outdoors
  • High-risk businesses, including personal care providers such as gyms and barbers, are closed
  • A maximum of four people per table can only eat outside.
  • Schools are closed for private classes and switched to distance learning

Although schools in the Orange Zones should be closed early, they can Reopen after four days If they test each student and staff in individual buildings. Individuals who test positive will not be allowed back into school until they recover.

Schools must test 25% of the population in individual buildings each week.

Cuomo said yesterday that trends are pointing toward an orange zone for some parts of the county that have created many records for new events in recent weeks. Local Hospitals are being filled.

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The yellow zone rules previously handled by the county do not require schools to close, but mandate more testing in buildings. Yellow zones do not require any trade closures.

The full yellow zone rules are as follows:

  • Worship houses are defined as 50% of their total capacity, which is outside a cluster zone
  • Mass meetings are limited to 25 people indoors and outdoors, down from 50
  • Indoor and outdoor dining is limited to a maximum of four people per table, with a minimum of 10
  • Schools are open, but 20% of students, teachers and staff are required to test in private buildings

To exit an orange zone, densely populated areas, such as the city of Syracuse, should see their seven-day average of a positive test percentage for the virus fall to less than 2% for three days at the end of a 10-day decline. This is 3% for less populated areas like other parts of Onondaga County.

The percentage to leave a yellow zone is 1.5% for one large city and 2% for other areas.

The government also takes into account other factors such as hospitalization and individual cases.

The seven-day average of positive rates in the yellow zone of Onondaga County was 5.12% as of yesterday, up from 6.58% in the week of November 8th.

Indoor and outdoor meetings in private homes everywhere in New York, even outside the cluster zones Now has 10 people. Bars, restaurants and gyms across the state should also be closed by 10pm now

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