‘Crash Landing On You’ Ending Explained: Will There Be Season 2?


With its old-fashioned forbidden love story scenario between Yoon Se-ri and Captain Ri Jeong-Hyeok, the program tugged at the audience’s emotions.

In 2020, Korean drama became a smash hit. It was the most-watched program in its time slot and earned a 12% audience share, making it tv’s highest-rated drama and the third best-performing South Korean TV show on cable television.

The Hyun Series, which featured Hyun Bin, Son Ye-Jin, Kim Jung-Hyun, and Seo Ji-Hye, was a huge success with an interesting rom-com plot full of action and well-known actors.

The program tugged at the hearts of not only audiences in Singapore, but also all around the world. The forbidden love tale between a North Korean and a South Korean had everyone rooting for the two leading actors, hoping for an ending that would make them happy against all odds. Here’s what the drama had in store, which left audiences wanting more at the end.

Plot Summary

Yoon Se-ri is a rich heiress who runs her own fashion and beauty company, ‘Se-ri’s Choice.’ The conflict between Se-ri and her parents is deepened when Se-ri’s father states that he wishes her to take over his firm, not his two sons.

When Se-ri is about to take on the responsibilities of running her father’s company, she discovers that the stubborn businesswoman plans to put her new sportswear items to the test. She is caught in a twister and smashes into North Korea, where she has been separated from her family.

He is rescued by a soldier, Captain Ri Jeong-Hyeok, who becomes her guardian. He hides her in his house with his four henchmen until they can figure out how to smuggle her across the border. When she is discovered by accident, Captain Ri introduces her to his community as his fiancee.

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However, he is engaged to Seo Dan, the daughter of a wealthy company executive. She earns the loyalty of the North Korean soldiers and locals over time. Se-ri’s brother, on the other side of the border, learns she’s alive and does everything he can to keep her from regaining control of their father’s firm.

The first time, she attempts to flee is thwarted when antagonist and corrupt soldier Cho Cheol-gang stops her. The pair learn they have feelings for each other, to Seo Dan’s annoyance, and the conman Gu Seung-jun is there to console him.

Gu is attempting to get back at Se-ri’s father for destroying his family’s business and costing his life. He joins forces with Se-ri’s brother to prevent her from returning home. But after recovering, Captain Ri teams up with Se-ri and leads her across the border into South Korea as a fake border guard. She attempts to return to her old lifestyle, but she misses Captain Ri and her previous life in North Korea.

Captain Crosses The Border For Se-Ri

Mike finds out about Cheol-gang’s suspicious operations and has him arrested. But he makes it out of prison and crosses the border to the South to kill Se-ri as revenge. A new character, Captain Ri, follows him down a subterranean passage to defend Se-ri. The two agents work together to capture Cheol-gang.

The captain’s father, a high-ranking North Korean military official, dispatches his staff to search for the young officer. The gang is reunited on the other side of the border, where they recall good times together. However, Cheol-gang returns and fires at Captain Ri. It is revealed that Se-ri took the bullet for him after she was shot in the stomach.

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The National Intelligence Service (NIS) appears in front of both Captain Ri and Cheol-gang, who are investigating Se-ri’s situation. So are his subordinates. In order to avoid Se-ri being involved in rumors about her involvement with North Korea, Captain Ri tells a lie claiming that he utilized Se-ri for his own gain.

This would exonerate her from all wrongdoing. The authorities enlist the services of Captain Ri and his comrades to exchange South Korean captives held in the North. Se-ri is desperate to reach the exchange site before it closes, whereupon she must say her last goodbyes to Captain Ri, whom she will never see again.

Ending Explained

He leaves notes for Se-ri behind to help her accept their separation. He leaves pre-recorded messages for her over the course of three years, keeping her company and assisting her in leading a better life. To be alive without him in it. But then things turn around for the better.

So-ri is paragliding in Switzerland these days. When she arrives, she discovers that it’s none other than Captain Ri himself who has come to face her. The story ultimately leads her to realize that he has been discharged from the military and is now pursuing a music career. Se-ri next establishes a music scholarship foundation in Switzerland.

She names Captain Ri as the director of her charity, allowing them to meet every year. Every year, Se-ri and Captain Ri spend two weeks together in the mountains. Their love is able to overcome barriers and discover its own, unique happy ending.

Is There Going to Be a Second Season of Your Series?

The final episode concluded on a melancholy note, with Se-ri and Captain Ri finally finding a solution to their problem despite the odds. Korean drama stories are generally concluded in a single season, with 16-20 episodes.

Season two of Designated Survivor has been greenlighted, despite the fact that the series was one of the most highly rated in its time period. The prospects of a second season are poor, but fans can’t help but want one.

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If there is to be a second season, it will most likely focus on the long-distance relationship of the couple, as well as how their entire year builds up to the two weeks they are able to spend together. Alternatively, the program may introduce new characters with a similar theme of forbidden love. We’re just sitting here and waiting to hear what happens.


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