Naomie Olindo’s ex, Craig Conover, didn’t have a lot of Tolerance with him


Filming Southern Charm with ex Naomie Olindo was “not fantastic,” says Craig Conover.

Page Six Exclusive: “It’s not normal to hang out with your ex as frequently as you do when we’re doing these projects,” the reality star, 34, said.

“Really incestuous community,” as Conover put it; it’s not unusual to stumble across an ex-partner there.

After a Brief Absence

New-season promises a lot of “me and Naomie butting heads,” he promised.

“Because I think I was really hospitable when she returned [after a brief absence].” ‘Come on back!’ I greeted him enthusiastically. The fans would want to see you, so why not?'”

When it became clear that he would be spending more time with Olindo, 29, the author of “Pillow Talk” had to concede that everything had changed.

You’ll see that I don’t have much patience for her, as well. It is true that we are ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends. As a result, we’re now “always together.”

While filming “Southern Charm,” Craig Conover admitted to Page Six that he had run out of patience with his ex-girlfriend Naomie Olindo.

Horrible about Mentally Reliving

Shep Rose, Conover’s co-star, and close friend, also spoke with Page Six and endorsed his pal’s ideas.

As Rose, 42, put it: “I can understand that she disturbed you on certain levels because you guys know each other so well.” “It’d be a challenge to do it.”

In a text message before filming, Olindo apologized to Conover for her misdeeds in the past. The couple had a three-year relationship, most of which was documented for the cameras of “Southern Charm.”

At the time, Olindo said to Page Six that she felt guilty for her delivery because of how rough she was on him. In my opinion, I think it was harsh love, but I don’t think it was the responsibility of a girlfriend to do it.

Although he assured her that nothing she said was incorrect or inaccurate, “I think the way that I expressed it was incredibly upsetting,” she went on to say, “I think he said.” “I felt horrible about mentally reliving some of those chats. In retrospect, I’m thinking, ‘Maybe I could have delivered that better.’

After months of rumors, Page Six broke the news in October 2021 that Conover had moved on with Paige DeSorbo. Page Six.

We haven’t Crossed Paths Yet

She did a terrific job filming with his ensemble, especially Olindo, he told Page Six.

In my opinion, Paige has handled the situation admirably. Because Charleston isn’t a particularly large city, Conover said, “She was like, ‘You guys are always around so many ex-girlfriends,'” he said. My ex is nowhere to be found,” she says. Although I am based in the Big Apple, we haven’t crossed paths yet.”

Thursday night at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo, the eighth season of “Southern Charm” will be premiered.

He Hinted about the Upcoming New Season

In an exclusive interview with Page Six, the 34-year-old reality star said, “It’s not normal to spend that much time with your ex when we’re doing these projects.”

“Really incestuous” Charleston, SC, Conover said, which means it’s not unusual to stumble across an ex-partner.

Naomie and I are going to put our heads together,” he hinted about the upcoming new season.

The season had Proceeded that the Pillow Talk

As a result, I think I’ve done a good job of facilitating the fact that she’s back.” When I said, ‘Come back!’ I meant it. The fans would want to see you.

It was only after the season had proceeded that the “Pillow Talk” writer began to see Olindo, 29, more frequently than he “wanted to.”

That’s not to mention the fact that I don’t have much patience for her, as you’ll soon discover,” he said. I just assume there’s a reason why we’re no longer together… “And now we spend all of our time together.”


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