Court of Appeal dismisses Louis Gomert case for asking Mike Pence to interfere in election college vote count

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals concluded Saturday, just hours after a Republican congressman appealed the previous loss.

Friday, a The district court dismissed Comet and several Arizona Republicans are suing to force Benz to help President Donald Trump throw the ballot when Congress convenes next week to count election college votes. Saturday’s verdict confirmed the earlier decision.

“Needless to say, we affirm the verdict for the reasons stated by the district court. We have not been informed of the basic qualifications or which party, if any, they may stand for. The motion to expedite the dismissal shall be issued immediately,” the judgment read.

CNN approached Cohmert on Saturday to comment on the verdict.

Kohmert’s case was part of a desperate and extraordinary GOP attempt to thwart the presidential election using unsubstantiated and unproven allegations of mass voter fraud, and many states changed their voting rules due to the epidemic that elected President Joe Biden won illegally.

Kohmert and Trump voters in Arizona said only Benz could determine the number of votes in an election – a significant argument that vice presidents can directly determine who wins a presidential election, regardless of the outcome.

Thursday was Benz Asked a federal judge to dismiss the case, Kohmert argues that legal issues should be addressed in the House and Senate, rather than the Vice President, along with the Republicans of Arizona. Pence has not filed whether he will enjoy the opportunity to interfere in the number of electoral colleges, but there are no general indications that he will.

“(A) The lawsuit to establish that the Vice President has the option of counting the number of cases filed against the Vice President is illegal,” Pence said.

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“Paradoxically, if the position of Representative Kohmert is accepted by the court, he will lose the opportunity he had as a member of the House under the Electoral Numbers Act to raise the councils to oppose the election count and then debate and vote on them,” Pence added.

CNN has approached Pence for comment.

At least 140 House Republicans CNN’s Jack Tapper said Thursday that it will vote against counting the votes in the Jan. 6 election. Kohmert said he would be one of them.
Nearly a dozen Republican senators and senators were elected Announced On Saturday they will vote against counting the election votes. 11 Republican lawmakers said they would like to raise an objection to the Electoral College vote, which would propose the Election Commission to conduct an “emergency 10-day audit” of election revenue in “disputed states”. Pence approved the move Saturday.

“A fair and credible audit – quickly completed before January 20 – will dramatically improve the confidence of Americans in our electoral process and significantly improve the legitimacy of who will be our next president,” 11 GOP lawmakers said in a statement.

They added that the January 6 congressional vote was “the only separate constitutional authority left to consider and compel multiple allegations of serious voter fraud.”

Dozens of state and federal courts, governors, state election officials and the Department of Homeland Security and Justice have confirmed that there are no credible allegations of any problem with voting.

CNN’s Jack Topper, Lauren Fox and Veronica Struqualocci contributed to the report.

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