Netflix’s new series Country Comfort is basically a modern-day, Nashville-set take on The Sound of Music, in the grand tradition of countrified classic films—”Country Strong is secretly the fifth official remake of A Star Is Born” is the hill I’ve chosen to die on. Katharine McPhee plays an aspiring country musician who happens upon a family in need of a nanny, rather than an ex-nun sent to become a wealthy family’s governess to learn some semblance of discipline.

But her and Maria’s tales converge after that: they both become foster parents to their own families’ numerous children, flirt with their widower bosses, and eventually establish vibrant musical groups with their adopted family (slight spoiler for the conclusion of Country Comfort season one).

Country Comfort’s 10-episode first season didn’t conclude on a very dramatic climax or twisting, turny season finale, which was a pretty out-of-character decision for Netflix. However, the show wrapped off with nearly every loose thread in a very comforting bow—but that won’t stop fans from clamoring for more episodes of the soothing musical drama. Here’s all we know about Country Comfort Season 2 thus far.

How Did Country Comfort Season 1 Ended?

Bailey enters a folk music contest with the assistance of Dylan, one of the kids who volunteers to be her manager. Bailey’s ex-boyfriend, Boone, returns to her life to be with her, only to depart again to tour with Keith Urban moments before she performs her final show. Bailey is adamant about not performing until the kids persuade her to do so with an emotive rendition of Rascal Flatts’ “God Bless the Broken Road.” Bailey and the kids take a bow at the end of the event, but viewers are left with questions: Did Bailey win the competition? Will she have to leave her nanny work and leave Beau and his family if this is the case?

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What Could Be Expected from Country Comfort Season 2?

At the end of the first season, the biggest mystery is whether Bailey (McPhee) won the singing competition she entered, dropped out of, and then returned to compete in with some last-minute aid from her new family in the finale. If they do win, Bailey may face a dilemma in the following season, deciding whether to take the competition’s reward and go on tour to pursue her ambitions of musical glory, or stay at home with the children she’s grown to like. Alternatively, if the judges were really taken by Bailey and the kids’ overall performance, we may see them pack up and go on tour as a family band à la the Von Trapps.


Season two will almost certainly have to come to terms with the developing love triangle between Bailey, her boss Beau (Eddie Cibrian), and his girlfriend Summer (Janet Varney), especially since Summer appeared to be suspicious of Bailey and Beau’s bonding over their shared love of Beau’s children—and whatever else their unbelievably heart-eyes-y able to share look at the efficiency intended.


Beyond that, all we can hope for from season two of Country Comfort is a slew of musically inspired episode titles, a slew of LeAnn Rimes cameos (which shouldn’t be too difficult, given that she’s married to the show’s star), and no more mention of Bailey’s ex-boyfriend Boone’s storm of broken promises and bad decisions (Eric Balfour).

Who Will Be in the Cast of Country Comfort Season 2?

As there is no confirmation about second season of Country Comfort. Still, we can anticipate casting team may be

  • Bailey is played by Katharine McPhee.
  • Beau is played by Eddie Cibrian.
  • Tuck is played by Ricardo Hurtado.
  • Brody is played by Jamie Martin Mann.
  • Dylan is played by Griffin McIntyre.
  • Cassidy is played by Shiloh Verrico.
  • Chloe is played by Pyper Braun.
  • Summer is played by Janet Varney.

Will There Be a Country Comfort Season 2?

Not yet, but it’s still early in the game. Before revealing whether future episodes have been approved, Netflix usually waits a few weeks (or even months) to evaluate viewer reactions to each new series.


Country Comfort was hovering around the ninth spot on the Netflix top 10 after its first weekend, which isn’t quite the same sort of achievement as recent hit shows like Bridgerton and The Queen’s Gambit, but you never know—it could turn out to be a sleeper hit, or Netflix could be determined to continue churning out episodes of the star-studded musical sequence performance based.

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Release Date: Country Comfort Season 2 Renewal Status

Unfortunately, there were early indications that Country Comfort would not be renewed for a second season. The program swiftly slid off of the top ten lists all across the world. It was only in the top ten in the United States for ten days. We need to see the program thrive for at least 30 days in one location in order to renew it.

According to Deadline, program like Country Comfort were cancelled because the first seasons essentially serve as pilots, but we think that’s merely a clever PR move.

“We’re coming so close to finding out about what y’all have been clamoring for…Season 2!!” says Eddie Cibrian. So, this weekend, we need all of you Country Comforters (that’s a made-up word) to watch, replay, and urge others to watch and revisit so we can make the Netflix and Netflix Family decision simple!”

Country Comfort, along with a slew of other Netflix comedy, was formally cancelled in early July 2021, according to Deadline.

What’s On Netflix also tweeted about cancellation on July, 2021.

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