Cooper’s Treasure Season 3: Plot | Release date | Cast and Much More!

Cooper's Treasure Season 3

If you are someone who is gravely interested in treasure hunting and archaeological explorations of the ancient and modern world, then I can assume Coopers Treasure is not an unfamiliar name to you.

Produced by Ample Entertainment and Amblin Television, the show aired its first episode on 18th April 2017 on Discovery Channel.

The show has two seasons so far and rumours are rife that a third season of Coopers Treasure is also on the cards,although there are no sources to officially confirm the statement. To know more about the show, stay hooked with us till the end.

About The Show Cooper’s Treasure

Cooper's Treasure Season 3

Cooper’s Treasure is an American documentary show based on discovering ancient artefacts and antiquities that have withstood the ravages of time.

A still from the show, Cooper’s Treasure

The show, as the name suggests, cites references from the Treasure map of the famous NASA astronaut, Gordon Cooper.

The series depicts the real life ventures of Darrel Miklos and his companions to unearth the hidden relics of ships and watercrafts which have lost their trace in the sea long time back.

Based on these finds, they arrive at some really confounding discoveries which are beyond the imagination range of the normal human mind.

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Who Was Gordon Cooper?

Gordon Cooper was a famous Aerospace engineer from America and one of the youngest Astronauts appointed for Project Mercury in 1963.

Gordon Cooper, the pioneer of space exploration and research

With time his knack for Space and exploration grew to such an extent that his path breaking discoveries of shipwrecks were widely acclaimed by the masses and he gained recognition in no time.He was the recipient of numerous awards and honors.

When he was sent to the Mercury mission by NASA, he discovered some strange magnetic anomalies which he safely took for the ruins of sunken ships drowned ages ago. His assumption turned out to be true when scientists indeed declared them as shipwrecks much later. Gordon Cooper decided to keep these mind blowing discoveries to himself for at least some time.

He created a map to reach the hidden treasure buried under the sea which later helped Darrel Miklos and co. to carry out their research for Cooper’s Treasure with ease and excellence.

When Will Season 3 of Cooper’s Treasure Come Out?

Cooper's Treasure Season 3

There are no updates regarding season 3 of Cooper’s Treasure as of now. Although the discussions are on to renew a new edition of the show, a final decision is yet to be announced.

Both the seasons of the show have enjoyed a good run till the end.

Audience is always a bit sceptical regarding historical shows because usually, the authentic facts are always tampered with to some extent in order to add some drama quotient to the shows.

A still from the series

But fortunately, this was never the case with Cooper’s Treasure. The show stuck to its original plot throughout the end, which was a striking factor of the docuseries.

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Notable Discoveries So Far

Cooper's Treasure Season 3

According to some reports, there have been claims by the show Coopers treasure that an ancient UFO has been discovered beneath the Bermuda Triangle.

While speaking to the Daily Mail, Miklos quoted “We were out in the Bahamas and we were on an English shipwreck trail, somehow related to Sir Francis Drake,.” He further stated that the object they unearthed did not seem like a natural formation. It was something unexplainable which even left the explorers bewildered.

Ratings And Reviews

Cooper’s Treasure Season 1 had an average rating of 6.5 out of 10 on IMDb and Season 2 got slightly better ratings of 7.1/10 based on 11 IMDb users.

The Starcast of Cooper’s Treasure Season 3

Cooper’s Treasure stars treasure hunters Darrell Miklos, Roger Miklos, Manuel Rodriguez and astronaut Charles Gregory.

Darrell Miklos

The team sets out in search of the shipwrecks discovered by Gordon Cooper with the help of the Treasure map created by Cooper in 1963.

The show showcases the exciting journey of the four explorers and the challenges they face to reach their desired destination.

Where To Watch Season 3 Of Cooper’s Treasure

You can stream the show on Discovery Channel. Season 3 has not been released yet but till then don’t forget to watch the previous two seasons of the show on the same channel.

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Terminating Words

Cooper’s Treasure is an amazing show that opens a whole new world of entertainment for its viewers. The explorers follow the map of Gordon Cooper to arrive at their discoveries.

It is interesting to note that the previous two seasons of the show had a decent response from the viewers and it would be great if it is renewed for another season that is season 3.

Stay tuned with us to never miss any update regarding your favourite shows. Have a good day ahead!


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