What Is an Ending of Confessions of an Invisible Girl?


You’re about to find out what happened at the ending of Confessions of an Invisible Girl. The ending is a bit confusing, but it’s not that hard to figure out if you pay attention and think about it for a minute.

It all starts with the fact that there are two girls who have been narrating this entire story from their perspectives, so they can’t be telling the truth at the same time.

One girl is invisible and one girl isn’t – which means only one of them could be telling the truth! Let’s break down each perspective so we can figure out who was lying…

Read on to find out more!

The Story of ‘Little Women’ at the Sea-to-Sky Corridor, by L. M. Montgomery

The film’s expected romantic drama conclusion is predictable. Who is the geeky Tete now dating?

If classic tropes don’t irritate you, Netflix may be a fantastic addition to your list. Bruno Garotti wrote and directed the Brazilian romantic comedy film.

The plot is a rehash of every other teen romance film. There’s a nerdy girl with glasses who is having trouble fitting in at school. Her cruel side is a well-known celebrity who abuses her on a regular basis. The nerdish girl is drawn to a stunning guy who is also the girlfriend of the mean girl.

What’s better than a film with an actual transformation? Throw in a few clever-beautiful metamorphosis sequences, and you’ve got yourself an instant classic. You’ve just watched another typical movie.

However, cliches have a way of calming one down and assuring oneself that everything will play out as we expect. There are no unanticipated problems that might make us anxious or irritated.

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So, what’s the deal with our geeky hero? Did she find the man of her dreams? Brace yourselves for spoilers. Everything that occurred in Netflix is summarized below.

The Synopsis and Ending of ‘Confessions of an Invisible Girl’ Are Explained

Tete de Oliveira, a 15-year-old girl from Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, lives with her parents in Barra da Tijuca. Tete is unable to make friends at school due to her unsociable tendencies. She likes to pretend that she is non-existent.

Tete, on the other hand, makes friends with Gustavo Sampaio, a gorgeous young guy. Tete has aided him in his education in return. Tete develops a crush on Gustavo, and the two of them grow closer.

Tete almost kissed Gustavo, and he claimed that he was just being friendly with her in order to get high marks. Tete is heartbroken.

She comes home to hear yet another terrible news. Her family’s home is sold as a result of her father losing his job. After the divorce, they moved in with her grandparents in Copacabana.

Tete is afflicted with hyperhidrosis, which makes him socially challenged. It’s an illness that causes her to sweat profusely.

She is frightened of being exposed once more because to her perspiration issues. So, she makes the decision to be alone. Later, she meets Davi Araujo, a bookish kid who lives with his grandparents.

Tete is captivated by Erick Goulart, a gorgeous young man. Lizzy, on the other hand, has discovered that Erick is dating Valentina Castro, the school’s most notorious bitch.

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Tete, on the other hand, finally finds some friends in school. However, Valentina the bully despises Tete and attempts to make her life miserable. How will Tete handle the bully at her new institution?

Torn Between Two Lovers

In a Biology class, the teacher instructs the students to form a group of four. The trio of Davi, Zeca, and Tete swiftly joined forces.

Unfortunately, they are short of one more individual. Tete complied and stepped down from the table. However, Erick, Tete’s crush, stepped in and requested that he be allowed to join them. Tete sees a chance to get closer to Erick, so she accepts his offer.

Throughout the book, Erick and his friends encounter a variety of issues. The final chapter closes with a nice twist as Erick’s former bad pals acquire to hang out with his good ones; Valentina and Lais.

The birthday party of Lais is approaching, and the Tete had never attended one before. Tete utilized her wits to obtain an invitation to Lais’ birthday party, enlisting the help of Erick. Tete’s pal, Davi, arrived accompanied by his older brother, Dudu.

Dudu is a nice young man, too. Tete can’t help but be captivated by him, too.

Tete runs into Valentina at the party and is bullied once again. After a period of time, Tete felt he was useless.

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Tete believes that she may now go after her crush, Valentina and Erick have split up. She kissed him after his band’s concerts.

Another lady, on the other hand, declared to Tete that she had kissed Erick at Lais’ birthday bash. Tete knew that Erick was not who he showed the world.

Tete decides she can no longer tolerate her passion for Erick. Now that Erick has been deleted from the picture, Tete must focus on her other crush, Dudu.

Tete, Dudu’s grandmother, goes after him to assist him to deal with his grandfather’s death. Ingrid, Dudu’s ex-girlfriend, appears as well. Tete felt she had lost both of her beaus.

Confessions of an Invisible’ Girl Ending Explained Did Tete And Dudu End Up Together?

Tete’s parents were unable to pay for her attendance at a new school. They must relocate away from their grandparent’s home and rent an inexpensive flat in Flamengo.

Tete is devastated when she learns that she will have to attend a new school, which would mean losing her friends once more. Fortunately, she had few alternatives.

Tete unintentionally exhibited a video of Valentina at Lais’ birthday celebration during her presentation for her biology project. Valentina ridiculed and boasted of her academic achievements to her classmates in a tone that was condescending. Her remarks made the students in her class furious.

When the police arrived, they found that Valentina had already recorded herself confessing to Tete’s murder. Tete’s glasses were broken by the mean girl after she was attacked.

Who produced the video for ‘Confessions of an Invisible Girl?- Who Made The Video?

The teacher later asked Tete to return the following day with her parents. She pleaded with the principal, stating that she was not to blame for recording the video. She also did not play it on purpose.

Tete knows that if her parents find out about what occurred, things will go badly for her. The school will undoubtedly transfer her to another institution. Tete reviewed all of the party’s videos in an attempt to determine who was to blame.

Tete later told the group that Lais’ mother recorded the video by accident. Lais planted it on Tete’s project drive as a deliberate act of humiliation and revenge against Valentina. Tete looked into it and discovered that Lais’ real name was Lais Carolina Ribeiro.

She and Valentina attended the same kindergarten, where she taunted Lais about her weight and nose.

Lais got very depressed. In order to safeguard Lais’ mental health, her parents relocated to Rio de Janeiro, far from the tormentor. Lais’s mother was his biggest supporter throughout his weight loss, nose surgery, and beautiful lady transformation in over eight years.

Although she was unable to stop herself from revealing the poisonous Valentina when she viewed the recorded video, she couldn’t help but point out her awfulness.

Naturally, the story concludes in a conventional way.

Finally, after years of repression and denial, Valentina realized her errors and sought forgiveness. When Valentina apologized to Tete and Lais for her unpleasant attitude, the young students welcomed her back with open arms.

Meanwhile, Tete is permitted to stay at the school since to her outstanding academic achievement.

After he informed Tete that his ex-girlfriend, Ingrid, was simply a great buddy, the misunderstanding between them disappeared. In the end, Dudu dated Tete, while Erick befriended Samantha (the girl who kissed Erick and confessed her love for him).


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