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Conclusion of Contro Z Season 2 detailed explanation

Conclusion of Contro Z Season 2 detailed explanation

Control Z is a teen drama which is created by Carlos Quintanilla, Miguel Gracia, and Adriana Pelusi. This Mexican television series was created for Netflix and it premiered first time on Netflix in the year 2020 on 22 May. The first part of the series was so attractive that it was renewed for the next part within a short span.

The premise of the series is that during an assemble of a National school naming Colegio Nacional one hacker made a huge exposure. The exposer was related to one of the students. This exposer leads to humiliation and panic among transgenders. The hackers kept on revealing all the secrets that created havoc among students. An introverted teenage girl tried to unveil who was the hacker. Before all of the secrets become public.

Recently season 2 was released on August 4, 2021. All the eight episodes on season 2 were released on the same date. In season two there was one more hacker more dangerous than the previous one. The hacker in season 1 was Raul. He has to make a lot of efforts to gain the trust of his friends again.

A bigger problem landed in school that someone named Avenger was pouncing students. Leading chatters Javi and Sofia tried to figure out who was that avenger before more mishappenings occur. At the end of the season, there was the revelation of the Avenger. But don’t think that it was all but it also ended with a cliffhanger. This cliffhanger will give a storyline for the new season.

Who was the avenger in Control Z season 2?

Once again Sofia succeeded in figuring out who was the person behind the Avenger. This big truth was out on the rooftop of a building. The building was the school’s building.

The person known as Avenger tried to hurt Sofia by giving her Anti-anxiety medicines. This was done to keep Sofia out of all these. But Sofia being clever understood the difference in her pills and she faked the effect of those anti-anxiety medicines.

ALEX the technology expert student in the school was the one known as The Avenger. She took everything on her whatever happened to Luis. She forced Luis to show Gerry her drawing that she painter for Gerry. Initially, Gerry appreciated the painting but then Gerry turned other students against Luis and everyone makes fun of her. This all leads to fighting which was shown in Season 1.

Alex only wanted to hurt Lusi no one else. She wanted people to realize the pain Lusi felt. She cleverly put people in danger and always left clues behind and cherry on the cake people find it incorrect time. In the end, she only wanted Gerry to realize his mistake and feel guilty and kill himself. But at the end table turned Javi came into the picture with a gun in her hand that aimed at none other than Raul. As she wants him to die for whatever he had done.

In the end, the people who were on the roof were Maria, Susanna, Raul, Javi Gerry, Alex, and Sofia. They all end up fighting on the roof and Susanna fell from the building with money. This leaves us all with lots of questions that will be answered in Season 3.

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