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Comedy- Drama Julie And Phantoms Season 2 Will Be Back Soon

Comedy- Drama Julie And Phantoms Season 2 Will Be Back Soon

Julie and Phantoms created by David Hoge and Dan Cross were released in 2020 September. It is a comedy musical drama that was created for Netflix. The series is all about Julie e os Fantasmas by Paula, Tiago Mello which is a Brazilian TV series.

The first season of Julie and Phantoms was released last year and after it was out the second season was anticipated. Soon it became a hit on Netflix. The story is about a High School musical creator named Kenny Ortega. Ortega also claimed that she just loves the basis of Julie and Phantoms. Suddenly three ghosts came into her life who was as crazy as her about music and planned to start a band. Another girl in the band is named Hannah Montana.
The plot of the series gives me goosebumps because it involves all the essential elements that excite me a lot. Magic, action, surprise, emotions, and adventure you name it they have it.
But now the question arises if the same will happen in season 2 so we have gathered so useful information for you. Read till the end for knowing its secret.

When Will Julie And Phantoms Season 2 Air?

The show Julie and Phantoms recently won few awards like MTV Movie and TV awards 2021 for its best musical moments. Season one had left a positive impression on the viewers.
Till now no official news related to its release is out but as soon as the official date will be put we will update here. But according to predictions, we can say that season 2 will surely come.

Plot Of Julie and Phantoms Season 2

As no official information is out related to season 2 but it will commence from the point it ended in the last season. The band members are back of the earth but they have some past businesses to perform. Those businesses were not resolved in season one so we can expect the plot from there only. There was one more cliffhanger Caleb took over the body of Nick for a purpose which will be shown in season second. All the ghosts seem real but not to forget they are still ghosts. Last season had nine episodes so for the new season at least we can expect 9 or more seasons.
All the above mentioned are predictions. These things will be confirmed only when official news will be out.

The cast

The lead role of Julie will be enacted by Madison Reyes. Other persons who are expected are drummer Alex will be played by Owen Patrick Joyner. Guitarists are luke and Reggie enacted by Charlie and Jeremy Shada respectively. Also, Cheyenne Jackson will come as Caleb, and Savannah will perform as Carrie. There can be new faces as well as the plot will proceed further. So we have to wait for the official cast list.
For now, cross your fingers and wait for official news.

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