College Football Bowl Predictions: Florida joins North Carolina field despite losing on New Year’s Eve

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Florida lost control of their home college football playoff hopes to The Swamp LSU 37-34. Gators ’chances of making the CFP always depend on beating Alabama, but before Saturday night, it would have been enough to beat the Crimson Waves. Now Florida needs help.

The loss does not change its bowl plan, however, it is based on the loss to Alabama. Gators is still expected to play in the Peach Cup against Cincinnati, but Florida will end up being the lowest ranked team in that game.

With schedule changes and game cancellations this week, games between the best teams have been low. The only match on the schedule between the top 20 favorite teams is the battle for the Orange Bowl Perth in North Carolina, Miami.

Tar Heels ran up to 700 yards in the hurricane with a 62-26 victory. If both Notre Dame and Clemson take part in the college football playoffs, North Carolina should now be the highest rated team available for the Orange Cup from the ACC. That’s what I still plan on doing. The UNC is the only change in this week’s New Year’s six plans to replace Miami.

College Football Playoff


National Championship

Title game Semi-final winners

Jan., 1

Rose Bowl
Pasadena, Calif.


(2) Clemson Against (3) State of Ohio

Jan., 1

Bowl of sugar
New Orleans


(1) Alabama Against (4) Our Lady

Six bowl games for the New Year

Each team currently in the top eight in the CFP rankings is scheduled to play in next week’s Championship Games.

USC will also play a conference championship game next week. The last team to lose in the Pac-12 following the Trojans’ 43-38 win over UCLA. USC is scheduled to play Washington, which grabbed the title when the COVID-19 issues with the Huskies canceled their game with Oregon. That game would have determined Pack-12 North. The ducks will still end up in that game if Washington is not allowed to play.

In recent weeks, we have seen 10 bowl games being canceled and added together. We can chalk it up until the chaos of 2020. Another new thing in 2020 is the teams leaving the cup games. This week, both Boston College and Pittsburgh, ACC, have decided to take on the Paul season. In both cases, it is run by players who have often been isolated from their families for months to play outside this season. Don’t be surprised to see more of this. Many players may prefer to spend the holidays with their family rather than a bowl game.

Jerry Palm’s complete 2020 Bowl plans will be out Sunday afternoon.

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