John Kreese in Cobra Kai Season 3 : 12 Things We Learn about it.


In this season, we learn about his past and how he became a ruthless man. He was born in China to an American father and Chinese mother. His father abandoned him when he was young so he grew up with his mother who taught him kung fu.

When she died, he moved to America to find his father but instead found a new family in Johnny Lawrence’s dad, who trained him as a boxer. We also see that John has been training Johnny for years now and it seems like they have some sort of relationship going on because Johnny always listens to what John says even if it means hurting someone else or himself.


Who Is John Kreese? in Cobra Kai Season 3, We Learn a Lot about His past.

Is it true that John Kreese has always been so abusive? Did he change because of some event or did something happen to make him so terrible?

But there was another one as well- his sensei, Kreese. his master, Kreese. a similar first name.

But they don’t stop there. In season 3, we learn more about who John Kreese is and why he is the way he is.

Here are a dozen things we learn about Kreese in this episode that aid us in comprehending him. The first three of which are revealed within the first minute of the third episode of season 3.

In Cobra Kai Season 3, We Learned More about John Kreese and His History.

John Kreese used to be a busboy.

The second season begins at a diner in the San Fernando Valley in 1965. A guy in a letterman’s jacket and driving a convertible arrives. his companion, Betsy, and one of his pals.

one, he’s a football player, and two, he’s a jerk. As he enters the restaurant, he deliberately smashes into one of the busboys. Because of the fact that it’s Kreese, many people would assume that he was in his youth.

However, the trio s table is disturbed when a recruiter for the United States Army comes by. He leaves a brochure with them and encourages them to join the service. The guy in the letterman jacket crumples up the document and throws it on the floor behind him after the recruiter leaves.

The busboy who was shoved aside by Kreese picks it up and examines it until his manager yells, Kreese! Tables aren’t going to do it on their own! Get back to work!”

John Kreese, the Bullied Freak

The busboy approaches to set silverware on their table as the trio first takes a seat in the dinner. The girlfriend of football player smiles at him, which provoked the Jock to ask What are you looking at?

When the busboy has gone, the buddy of the jock leans in and says, He’s the one whose mother committed suicide.

The jock scoffs and says, “It’s because he’s such a freak.”

When the jock steps out of line, in order to trip Kreese, he trips him while passing their table with unclean dishes.

Am I the only one who was surprised to learn that Kreese had ever been bullied?

To find out more details about John Kreese from season 3, turn the page.


His Mother’S Suicide Caused Him to Suffer.

This is another thing that Johnny and Kreese have in common- both lost their mothers when they were very young. Kreese’s mother was mentally ill.

I’m not going to mislead you. After hearing about Kreese’s mother, I felt the same empathy for Johnny that I had in season 1 when I learned where his life had taken him – pity.

Kreese Was Taught to Be Heartless.

Kreese’s childhood was marked by a lot of adversity. What he learned from all of it was that life isn’t fair, and to survive, you need to get tough.

He abandons his fellow men in Vietnam, where he is subjected to unspeakable tortures.

Kreese Was Chivalrous

In episode 2, Kreese is seen removing the garbage from the diner. We now know the football player who harassed Kreese is called David. Kreese sees her harassing Betsy and slaps her.

Kreese is not going to allow it to happen. He quickly accepts the challenge to defend Betsy when David and his buddy assault her.

He’S Been Battling Ever since He Was a Kid.

It appears that David will win the fight with Betsy’s husband at one point. After throwing Kreese into the trash can, David asks, “Are you scared?

David is eventually overpowered by Kreese, who fights back and thwarts him. I’ve been fighting my entire life. I’m sure hell doesn’t scare you.

MARTIN KOVE as COBRA KAI’s JOHN KREESE (L to R) COBRA KAI is a Kaiju (Monster) film produced by the legendary cult-classic series written and directed by Ishiro Honda.

He Was once in Love with More than Karate .

Betsy asks Kreese if he’s all right after the confrontation with David. He claims he is, and then offers her a ride.

When he departs for Vietnam, they officially begin their connection and continue even after he leaves. It’s fascinating to see the young lady who captured his heart, and she is absolutely infatuated with him. She’s a total sweetheart.

Who Taught Kreese Karate and How to Be Such a Jerk

In Vietnam, John Kreese demonstrates his worth as a soldier. That’s why he catches Captain Turner’s attention.

Warner seeks Kreese for a unique assignment. Gaining control of the town, he tells him he will personally teach him guerrilla tactics, demolitions, and hand-to-hand combat.

When asked the sort of hand-to-hand combat, Turner answers, Well, you have to learn how to fight like your opponent in order to defeat him.

Master Kim SunYung, during the Korean War, taught him Tang Soo Do and that’s what he’ll teach Kreese.

However, Turner is a problem. He’s a jerk who doesn’t give a damn about anybody but himself. Don’t let your kids be too young to read. This is a good book and should not be avoided because of the subject matter. There aren’t any explicit portrayals of torture or sadism, but descriptions of how Kreese showed Turner how to be the imperial bad guy that he eventually became, especially when Turner proved to be an every man for

He says that when he was in the military, he served under a general that didn’t care about human life, and they lost their lives. His remarks are harsh toward Kreese, who is accused of letting his humanity get in the way, for which they were caught by the enemy; and it’s clear to him that Valor hasn’t learned Kreese is devastated, as the captain was a hero to him.


Kreese Was a Pow

We’ve known for a long time that Captain Kreese is proud of his military service and that he was a Green Beret. In the later seasons, however, it is revealed that he was a POW during World War II. He may have already mentioned it to them previously, but in season 3 we learn that owing to him, his entire squad was taken captive by the enemy and became prisoners of war.

Kreese Killed His Co

When the unit is taken captive, they are locked in a cage. For fun, the Vietnamese soldiers dragged two of them at a time and made them fight alone to the death on a plank above the pit.

When one of the soldiers returns from a successful combat, he or she is asked how deep the pit is. He says, “Deep enough. That isn’t the worst part, however.

Later, after Kreese challenges his commanding officer (CO), Captain Turner, we learn what he means. Snakes of all sorts, including cobras, lurk in the pit.

However, as soon as he drops from the rope, Kreese shoves Turner off the plank. However, seeing that his hands are free, Turner grabs the edge and hangs on. So, the movie’s main character, a young kid who tells his tale from the perspective of an adult, is found after being lost in the woods for several days. The protagonist has been outfitted with a set of hybrid survival gear from Arc’teryx and other brands to prepare him for all situations he may find himself in. His father was

It’S All over, Kreese. Come on. Pull Me up.”

Kreese doesn’t. Instead, he believes Turner was correct. He’s not sure whether or not he followed Turner’s guidelines, but he won’t make the same mistake again.

He growls, “No mercy,” then stamps down on Turner’s hands, knocking him into the snake pit.

COBRA KAI) MARTIN KOVE as JOHN KREESE of COBRA KAI Cr. During the 2020s, 24-hour television was gradually phased out worldwide. Instead of relying on cable subscriptions to watch what they want, viewers increasingly preferred to watch television online through streaming services like Netflix.

How Did the Legend of the Cobra Kai Originate?

I had no idea what the term “kai” meant until season 3. I had no idea why Kreese named his dojo Cobra Kai, but I was intrigued. After seeing the pit of vipers, the cobra portion made sense.

So I Googled “kai” and learned that it is a Japanese word that means “sea.”

Sea of snakes. Fitting. (On multiple levels.)

He May Appear to Be a Master of Deception. but, in Reality, He Believes Himself to Be a Teacher.

When asked about Kreese’s backstory and the significance of the dojo in an interview with TVLine, executive producer Jon Hurwitz said, Cobra Kai is in his blood.

He went on to explain the reason why Kreese established it.

That is evident in the final season 3 episode.

The Cobra Kais are informed during training by Master Kreese, You’ve been told to be good your whole life. Perspective, though, is all that matters; good is nothing more than a matter of perspective. Always keep in mind that your foes believe they are doing what is best. They believe they’re the hero and you’re the villain. Now you know the truth. There is no good. There is no bad. Only weak or strong.”

We now have a better understanding of why Kreese thinks, acts, and teaches the way he does.


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