Claudia Jessie: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The ‘Bridgerton’ Star


Claudia Jessie, unlike her ‘Bridgerton’ character, was not born into a wealthy family. She grew up in a barge, had trouble making ends meet, and struggled with mental health problems early on.

The character of Eloise Bridgerton, played by Claudia Jessie in Netflix’s ‘Eloise’, has a lot of fans.

The fifth child and second daughter in the Bridgerton family is a deep and revolutionary thinker, far too ahead of her time when debutants were presented at court for the Regency era.

Eloise is preoccupied with the mystery of Lady Whistledown, and she spends half her time revealing her identity. The rest of the young ladies are obsessed with the idea of finding a spouse, but Eloise spends half her time uncovering Lady Whistledown’s secret identity. The other half, on the other hand, she spends attempting to avoid balls and social gatherings that may introduce her to prospective lovers.

The fact is that Claudia Jessie does not have all that much in common with her ‘Bridgerton’ character. She didn’t get a golden spoon in her mouth by birth. However, both women have the same depth of emotion that only truly powerful females have. Here are a few fascinating facts about the actress that you may not be aware of.

She is 31 Years Old.

Yes, she may be playing a 17-year-old girl in Shonda Rhimes’ Shondaland series, but Claudia Jessie is really 31 years old in real life. Her name is Claudia Jessie Peyton, and she was born on October 30, 1989.

She Practices Buddhism

Claudia Jessie has been a Buddhist practitioner for almost 14 years. Her aunt has been teaching it for 30 years, and her mother was also introduced to it. The technique has saved her from committing suicide when she was 17 and kept her grounded in the glitzy entertainment business.

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My favorite part when I’m acting is pretending to be someone else. And then there’s all of the other stuff that comes with it. I believe that Buddhism has a lot to offer me. So, sure, the desire to compare oneself… We’re human, and we’ll have ideas about what success entails. ‘Buddhism has equipped me with the ability not to be influenced by accolades,’ she remarked in an interview.

She Hadn’t Had Any Formal Acting Education Before She Entered Show Business

Claudia Jesse’s performance in ‘ ‘ is superb, yet she didn’t go to a formal acting school before breaking into the business since her parents could not afford it.

“My family was very poor.” But she was determined to give me the opportunity to dance. So, one day, her boss called and said he wanted someone to come in and teach me to tap dancing for nothing because I had a great deal of potential.

She’d never tried anything like it before, but she decided we would try it out. Unfortunately, when my mother is working with My father didn’t work when he was still alive. ‘It’s a disaster,’ says my friend. ‘We were having trouble with bailiffs at the door.’

She’s Afraid of Being Seen on Social Media, So She Doesn’t Use Them.

Claudia Jessie has had a difficult life and an even more challenging battle with mental illness over the years. This is one of the reasons she doesn’t have a social media presence.

I’m sensitive to the pressure of social networking. I’m more anxious when looking at images of other people and reading comments about myself, and I have a natural proclivity for not being very kind to myself.

That’s something we all have in common. I’m not sure why, but my intuition is telling me that it’s the most hazardous. ‘I am a tiny bit difficult,’ says Jessie in a recording at Belfast Telegraph. ‘She’s not the only one who thinks so,’ she adds, referring to her inner monologue, which might be quite harsh.’

In a separate conversation, she added more detail about her decision to avoid social media.

There are things I know that aren’t good for me and won’t do them. So, with social media, I know I would have the ability to procrastinate. I’d be able to compare myself against others. And you know what? Props to those who choose not to use social media and can still be seen in public. I think it’s incredible. However, despite that, I’m fairly certain that it’s not something I’d enjoy. I’m not missing out on anything.

She Lives On A Ship

Claudia Jessie and her spouse Joseph live a quiet existence on a houseboat. ‘They may glide up and down the canal network of their home,’ says the narrator. They’ve just renovated it to make it easier for them to ‘glide up and down the canal network of their town.’ She fell in love with living aboard ships because she and her family previously lived on a barge.

Hannah Phillips First Saw Her Director Hannah Phillips First Discovered Her

Hannah Phillips, playwright, and director of Birmingham School of Acting, was inspired to create a musical about her when she saw Claudia in an amateur drama group as a teenager.

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‘I was supposed to go on the Titanic. I don’t know why she saw something in me, but she put me in every play she made,’ Marcella told the Belfast Telegraph during an interview.

Claudia was in her early twenties when she joined Pink Space, an LGBTQ+ theater organization founded by Hannah, where she felt accepted.

She starred in a play called Heterophobia at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art with Pink Space. When she completed the role, she decided to pursue her life ambition and relocated to London in order to do so.

She Had a Number of Odd Jobs Before Her Acting Career Exploded.

For Claudia Jessie, making the move to London to work was a brave choice. It’s like something out of a Hollywood film about a driven woman pursuing her goals. Claudia, like the other heroes in these inspirational films, struggled and was rejected many times.

‘With the exception of one person who said she was very happy with my work and took me on as an intern. That didn’t last long,’ says Claudia about moving to London to pursue acting. “I got rejected by everyone,’ explains Claudia.’ Of course, I was turned down by everyone,’ says.

Claudia managed to keep herself afloat by doing a variety of odd jobs and sleeping on her aunt’s sofa. She worked in bars, was a dog walker, assisted Capital FM in Birmingham, England, and did market-research phone calls for shampoo companies and the BN Biscuit brand.

She revealed to the Sunday Post that she spent five years doing anything she could find.’I was just doing anything I could to earn money,’ she remarked.

She Is A Musician

Aside from her ability to act, Claudia has a talent for music. She’s a pianist, singer, and songwriter. Take a look at this little-known music video, which was released almost a decade ago before Claudia became the famous ‘Bridgerton’ star she is now.

She Was Home-Schooled

She was already 14 when she abandoned conventional education and was educated at home by her mother. The precise cause of her departure isn’t known, however, Belfast Telegraph claims that she was expelled for bad conduct at school.

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She Chants Her Troubles Away

Claudia discovered the ideal technique to cope with internal issues after years of practicing Nichiren Buddhism.

‘I would chant when I was growing up if I was having a difficult time with something inside me.

Do you want to learn more about Claudia Jessie? Now that House of Cards season 5 is streaming on Netflix, you can finally catch up with everyone else and watch it for yourself.

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