‘Citrus’ Season 2: Will It Ever Going To Happen?


There’s a wealth of source material for season 2 of the popular Yuri series.

Since then, Mei and Yuzu’s love story has been adapted into an anime series.

Citrus was initially a manga series before being brought to life as an anime.

Yuri, the highly regarded series that began publishing in 2012, is currently being adapted into an anime.

There’s plenty of material remaining for a second season, but it’s been three years since the first, and nothing has happened. Is there still a chance for Citrus season 2? Let’s find out.

Is There Going To Be A Season Two Of Citrus?

Studio Passione has not announced when Citrus will return for Season 2, which is a huge disappointment for citrus fans.

Despite having a large fan base for the Yuri series, the anime adaptation was met with low ratings and several negative reviews on IMDB and MyanimeList.

This may deter the producers from developing a second season.

Citrus may follow a similar path as Passione, which makes only a one-season anime series.

Nonetheless, supporters should not be discouraged yet. The studio may change its mind if enough fans demand it.

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Studio Passione can also acquire Citrus should they decide to cease producing further seasons for the adaptation.

There’s always a chance as long as there is a large enough demand from fans.

What Are The Optionable Source Media For Season 2?

After the conclusion of Season 1, the original manga series will conclude with the fourth volume. This means there’s a chance season two will pick up where it left off.

With six volumes left to explore in the original manga series, there are still ten volumes of material available. Citrus’s manga run has come to an end, but a future potential source material for the beloved Japanese Yuri may be on the horizon.

This time, the mangaka is Saburouta. He has also established a Citrus Plus spin-off manga series that was published in November 2019. The audience enjoyed it immensely! Despite the fact that there is a wealth of source material, fans continue to believe in a second season.

Fans of anime might nevertheless be disappointed to learn that adaptations are frequently created for the express purpose of drawing traffic and sales to their source material. While it may aid in increasing sales for manga/light novel series, making anime adaptations is usually expensive.

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Studios are frequently hesitant to produce another anime season for a variety of reasons.

Then again, the prospect of big demand from fans can always be a good incentive to take that chance. Take a look at One-Punch Man or Full Metal Panic, for example.

What Is The Story Of Citrus Season 2?

The story of citrus is fascinating but somewhat controversial. Yuzu and Mei are two female students at an all-girls school who fall in love after meeting there. They met as strangers, but it turns out they are step-sisters.

The love stories of Mei and Yuzu are similarly cluttered with love triangles, as well as other romantic distractions.

She was only afraid of being ostracised, rebuked, or rejected. She was also afraid that Yuzu would be rejected if she knew the truth about Mei’s feelings towards her. They really didn’t have a good relationship when it came down to it.

The girl grew up in a strict environment where solitude was forbidden and people were always connected Yuko was unable to return Yuko’s feelings, and their relationship started to stifle.

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We’re hoping that when Citrus is renewed for a second season, we’ll see Mei and Yuzu’s more awkward encounters as they attempt to figure out their feelings and sexuality.


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