Chicago Breaking News: 5 Men Killed And 10 Seriously Injured by Stabbing


A serious incident broke in Chicago that injured at least 10 people and killed 5 overnight. According to the police, the names and situations of the people were recorded and the police are currently suspecting the incident. 

It isn’t the first time that something like this took place in the city. Over the last few years, Chicago is seeing gradual hikes in crime and shooting cases. 

The police have reported that the suspects are verified and they are doing their best to take serious action against those. The incident has shocked the people and Social Media have also seen to mourn against the killed innocent people. 

In the West Side Friday, A 27-year old young man was injured by the stabbing He said that he was sitting on the front side of his home when everything happened. All the people who were injured during the shooting have been treated by the doctors well. 

Moreover, the statement regarding the suspect has been taken. Police informed them that a man came into them, having a big wound on his chest and he reported the case. All the injured people have already been reported there. 

The man who reported to the police was deep in pain and immediate action against his health was done by the medicals. Another man, who is carrying him, reported about how he got this bad. 

All the important information is already collected and police have also taken the physical description of the suspect. 

The Knife, which is used as an object, is also recovered. Our recent news says that the criminals have been located by the police and taken into custody. 

The locals are demanding proper and strict action against the man so that it would become a message to others.