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We haven’t seen Navarro College’s best cheering team in a while, but we won’t have to wait long for their comeback, since Cheer season two will be available on Netflix next week.

The blockbuster docuseries, which follows Navarro Cheer as they prepared to participate in the National Cheerleading Championship, will return to examine how the cast members handled with celebrity, COVID-19, and severe criminal allegations levelled against comrade Jerry Harris, which he denies.

Viewers will also be a fly on the wall of Navarro rivals Trinity Valley Community College’s The Cardinals, who are trying just as hard to beat their opponents at the upcoming NCAA National Championship, as previewed in the latest teaser.

Director Greg Whiteley remarked, “I felt like we went on this wonderful trip with two remarkable teams.” “Being a part of their lives was inspirational, upsetting, and at times irritating, but ultimately moving.”

Season 2 of Cheer Has a Release Date.

On Wednesday, January 12th, Netflix will release the second season of Cheer. After the show became a streaming hit, production on the docuseries began in January 2020.

But filming was halted in March due to COVID-19, and the 2020 NCAA National Championship was cancelled. The new season’s filming began in September 2020.

Season 2 Cast of Cheer

Season 2 of Cheer Coach Monica Aldama, the head cheerleader at Navarro College and a Dancing with the Stars 2020 competitor, as well as the team’s brilliant tumbler Lexi Brumback and established online personality Gabi Butler, are all back for season two of Cheer.

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Teammates La’Darius Marshall and Morgan Simianer will join them on TV once more. Season two will include numerous new cast members, including Maddy Brum, Navarro’s newest recruit, Cassadee Dunlap, a former child pageant winner, and newcomer Gillian Rupert.

The show will present a few members of Navarro’s opponent Trinity Valley Community College, including coach Vontae Johnson, assistant coach Khris Franklin, leader Jada Wooten, big personality Jeron Hazelwood, and tumblers DeVonte ‘Dee’ Joseph and Angel Rice.

Jerry Harris, a cast member from season one, will appear in the future season, with the drama focusing on the child pornography allegations levelled against him in September 2020.

What Will the Second Season of Cheer Be About?

Season two will start up after the first season’s success, with Navarro Cheer dealing with their newfound celebrity and combining press attention with their cheering duties when COVID-19 upends the 2020 cheer season.

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When Monica Aldama leaves to go in Dancing with the Stars, La’Darius Marshall will fight with a new assistant coach in the upcoming season, and the show will also look at Trinity Valley Community College, Navarro’s major rival.

The second season of Cheer will focus on the child pornography allegations levelled against season one favorite Jerry Harris during production. Harris was arrested in September 2020 and charged with persuading youngsters to email him sexually explicit images and videos of themselves, which he denied.

He pled not guilty to seven further sex offense counts involving four other juveniles dating back three years in December 2020. “We completely refute the accusations made against Jerry Harris, which are purported to have occurred when he was a youngster,” his spokeswoman previously stated.

When the inquiry is finished, we are convinced that the genuine facts will be exposed.” “The news of Jerry’s probe emerged on the same day that Monica was making her Dancing with the Stars debut, said cheer director Greg Whiteley of the current season.

“I was taken aback and devastated. Because the narrative follows events from January 2020 to April 2021, the allegations against Jerry Harris are discussed in full in episode five. However, we believed it was necessary to let viewers know right away that this isn’t something we disregard, which is why we mention it in the first episode.

” Season 2 will also include an interview with the brothers who initially raised the charges against Harris, as well as their mother, who Whiteley described as “very kind” in consenting to talk to the docuseries.

Season 2 Trailer for Cheer

A teaser for the new season of Cheer was posted on Netflix, previewing all the Navarro drama to come. Monica Aldama says in the teaser, “It’s undoubtedly the roughest season I’ve ever had.”

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