Carlos Barbosa: “Portugal Rally has nothing to do with Sporting celebrations” – Rallis

ACP leader trusts the security plan and says PSD speech “is divers policy”

Carlos Barbosa, president of the Portugal Automobile Club (ACP), the entity responsible for organizing the Portugal Rally, responded Tuesday night to the issues raised by the PSD in a letter sent to the government, as the party questioned whether there was a contingency plan planned for all locations where the race would pass. Fourth to the World Rally Championship (WRC).

“The Portugal 2021 Rally plan began when we canceled the 2020 Rally. It has nothing to do with sporting celebrations, they are different things. The PSD’s speech is clearly a diver to the policy that Carlos Barbosa said in an interview with the Porto channel,” He “has no kind of interest.”


He pointed out, “We have equipped about 3 thousand members of the National Guard and between 200 and 300 commissioners to abide by the emergency plan approved by the General Directorate of Community Health.”

“There are areas where there will not be an audience, like Porto and Shakedown, in other areas like Losada there will be 30% of the capacity and in the remaining sections there will be control of public access, full verification of the location of people to avoid gatherings. Compared to Sporting. For the PSD. Or Roy Ryo, it was enough to ask the ACP for that, ”he added.

On Tuesday, the Public Security Directorate handed over to Parliament a request addressed to the Minister of Interior Administration, Eduardo Cabrita. “Is the government in a position to ensure the utmost respect for safety rules and to ensure compliance with the public health rules set by the General Directorate of Health to prevent the spread of Sars-Cov-2 among the people who will attend? Will the contingency plan be adopted in all locations where the stages of the Portugal Rally are taking place What is the total number of employees assigned to this sporting event? “, The Public Security Department asked.

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The party cited “a variety of planning failures associated with the sporting celebrations of Sporting Club de Portugal fans following their victory in the national football championship, although it was a predictable event and its prediction would provide a favorable audience. Response.”

Written by André Gonçalves


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